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I'm wondering what Nadeo's stance is on mappers not wanting their maps to be altered without their permission. There's a user on reddit quoting the Ubisoft Terms Of Use which basically says this in section 6.1.

(ii) other Users a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide license to access, display, copy, adapt and modify Derived UGC and create derivative works within our Services.

Said user thinks it's okay to create altered version of TOTD maps without the mappers' express permission, especially when they specifically said not to create altered versions of their map (E.g. finish 1 block higher, reactor boost starts, reversed maps, etc). Is this covered by this aspect of the Terms Of Use and do mappers really have no recourse in that regard?

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Hello Chris!

Yes, it is permitted to alter any track made public (or not, but that would be considered stealing in real life). There is no intellectual property right to UGC, Ubisoft is the sole owner of the content created within the games using the game's services (here, Trackmania). Hence, other users can, as well, modify, copy and share others' creations.

However, we would take action if someone would repeatedly steal someone's creation and take all the credits in Track of the Day for example. But that decision will ultimately come from us only.