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14 Jun

Hello everyone,

We're coming back with a new update that doesn't look like much, but a lot has changed in the background. We changed more than 1400 files of our code in order to prepare to the next big updates.
If you see any issue, please report it as soon as possible in the forums.


+ Displayed the full date for the end of your Standard or Club access
+ Fixed an issue with the start of multi-lap maps when the map has another starting point
+ Fixed a rare script crash in the solo


+ Fixed squad view in matchmaking for display with a ratio superior of 16/9
+ Fixed a script crash for Master 3 ranks


+ Camera 3 is not working correctly
+ Double-tapping a camera change makes the camera look behind the car
+ Car physics changed and some press forward might be broken, sorry for the inconvenience

Thanks and see you on... Read more

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