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For competition organizers, we created a competition tool enabling you to run different types of competitions. This activity will allow every club to create and manage a competition while also showcasing it in the "Events" section of the game.

What kind of competition can I run with the competition tool?

• Type of competition: simple elimination bracket.
• Competition can start from 16th-finals, 8th-finals, quarterfinals or semi-finals.
• Rounds automatically run: when a round is over, the next one starts immediately.
• Game modes supported: Rounds, Laps and Cup.
• Participants: up to 64 players per match and after each round half the players are eliminated.
• Optionally: it's possible to have a qualification phase in Time Attack on one map for selecting best players registered.
How to gain access to this tool?

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27 Oct

26 Oct

25 Oct

24 Oct

23 Oct


This is the very last chance for Open Grand League drivers to take a spot in the combine match against the bottom 8 drivers of the TMGL FALL 2020!

Trackmania Open Grand League Step 6 on Saturday from 18:00 CEST.

OGL website:


22 Oct


This is the last chance for the players to get a spot into the TOP 8. TMGL Step 6 on Sunday from 8PM CEST!

Gwen, the youngest Trackmania champion in the league,
took the lead and is now in first position to win the regular season.

Next Sunday, we’ll know the 8 players that will qualify for the PLAYOFFS phase.
Unless a big surprise, the current top 5 will make it.
But from place 5 to place 8, everything is possible! So let’s encourage them!

English Stream: ...
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Don't miss the penultimate Trackmania Open Grand League step which will take place on Saturday 17th October
at 6 PM CEST!

Everything is still possible and Everyone can join the STEP by going in LIVE -> EVENTS and then click on OGL FALL 2020.

Streaming is allowed!
Information about the Trackmania Open Grand League on:


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Gwen won the last step and is the winner of the Regular League following by:


These 8 champions are qualified for THE FINAL of the TMGL Fall Edition happening on November, 1st.

You missed the last step, you can look at the top 5 highlights on the TMGL Youtube!

Congratulations to 16 champions and Good Luck for the 8 champions who will compete for THE FINAL!

21 Oct

20 Oct

19 Oct

18 Oct

17 Oct

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