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Hi PaulBT,

Please use the in game report for reporting abuses and thank you for your report.

Happy Gaming!

Replay Editor

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Hello AquaSpritzig,

To watch the replay from you POV, you can add a Race Camera in the replay editor. Then select your POV (or someone else POV) and you favorite camera and enjoy your replay. Your best time also should be saved into the Autosaves folder.


03 Aug


I share here a message posted on Trackmania reddit listing all all medals author times of TOTD July 2020 + Summer / training campaigns:

Happy Gaming!
Hi Jimos94,

It's the official forums for Trackmania.

You can find information about dedicated servers here: ... Read more

01 Aug


The Trackmania server is available here:

You can find some tutorials for running dedicated servers here:

Cheers ... Read more

31 Jul

Hi FearZeCat,

You can find it in the API but it was linked to Turbo.

It's not scheduled to have the stunt mode in Trackmania for the moment.


30 Jul

29 Jul

Hello everyone,

New update coming up today!

Here is the changelog:

+ Feature: From now on, your best CP time will synchronize with your ghost, respawning at a checkpoint will now display your best CP ghost.
+ We've updated the UI in the creation of news, skin, and map uploads club activities.
+ Applied a fix that solves passwords in local servers.
+ Added Points Repartition in room settings for round-based modes.
+ Fixed an issue where hiding the HUD and trying to exit the menu would not allow the player to open the HUD again
+ We've also fixed the trophies in multiplayer alongside opening the National ranks (Silver). All the players now receive a trophy at the end of a Time Attack.

Thanks and see you on track!

Ubisoft Nadeo's team

28 Jul

26 Jul

24 Jul

Hey there niZe,

It's currently based on the popularity of the club. The more members you have within your club the higher in the list the your club will appear.

23 Jul

Thanks for pointing that out! We'll get someone to look into that article

I've gone ahead and updated the forum banner too, News will now link to the correct webpage.

22 Jul

Hello everyone,

It's still a pleasure to see all of you enjoying and sharing your experiences on Trackmania!
We are pushing an update today in order to fix urgent issues and make some improvements, so here are the changes:

+ We implemented a fix that should remove the server crashes on Map Reviews.
+ We've fixed an issue where under certain conditions the spectator mode was locked in "free" or "follow all" mode.
+ We've added the checkpoint activation sound even if the UI is hidden.
+ We now display the checkpoint UI and special blocks messages when testing a map in the editor.
+ The "Look behind" camera is now available.
+ You should no longer see the character shadows while using the old Camera 3.
+ Skin browser should no longer crash while clicking on the folder button.
+ Improvements in the design of the news activity in clubs.
+ Fixes and improvements in the menu.
+ Multiple improvements on the net cod... Read more
Originally Posted by FunnyRaceMan
on monday i got 70th worldwide in the track of the day and i still didnt get the trophys for that. Is this normal? Or do you need a specific rank to get trophys in track of the day? i have club acces also. Greatings FunnyRaceMan


We didn't give the trophies on TOTD yet as we were experiencing some issues on the ranking since the release.
We will give you an update once trophies will be sent for your TOTD rankings.


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