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Originally posted by TurnRightTurnLeft

Love how you guys came through, just like you mentioned in yesterday's stream! Nice

Though I do wonder what that Fenrir bug looked like. :D

For sure. :) haha it was an unfortunate occurrence but quite funny to see him just... leave. I guess he was scared

31 Jan


Hey all! o7 Here's a link to our first Witch Saga Hotfix notes:

Fixes include:

✅ Hel Challenge updating

✅ Seer's seedling appears

✅ Fenrir will no longer nope out of a fight

Don't hesitate to report any other issue you encounter in our Discord as we are keeping a close eye there: ...

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Originally posted by LetTheDarkOut

Is there a place to report bugs? I’ve encountered so many

Yes absolutely. The best spot is the Discord channel #report-bugs: We also have a #bugs-discussion channel if you need to specify or get clarification. Appreciate the reports as well!

30 Jan