13 Jun

Gary_The_metro said: Helicopter crash site, maybe belonging to a militaristic/police faction.
#1Your first objective is to head to another area, where you find a note of the location of the heli crash site.
The heli crash site being within a square KM of this note too to not make it too much of an endless walk. (maybe make it so it doesn't give you the literal location but rather landmarks on the map? so just "250M northwest of town X")
#2 You then make your way to the heli crash but, it has a bonus objective that isn't necessarily known. a let's say 20% chance for a pilot and crew to be still alive, but only for a limited time (not too limited however you don't want it so that people have to do it immediately with no wiggle room if something goes wrong) If you m...
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0ozymandias said: - Repair/turn on radio to restore communications
Good idea for a Military quest!

0ozymandias said: - Bounty hunting of both players and 'bosses'? I'd personally like to see this one to help facilitate player interactions, could either be automatic or through a player-used bounty board.
Someone suggested this in Discord and the idea is having AI send people after low-reputation characters.

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Hi guys!

We've implemented a new Questing system and we would love to hear your feedback on what sort of quests that we should be implementing. We're going to detail how the system works so that you guys can make informed and detailed suggestions, this is the first of many suggestion threads to come for our backers and community especially now that we are moving closer to our Closed Alpha launch.

Please note that we're happy to fill in the blanks and give feedback on what can and cannot be done, simply reply to this thread with your question and I'll be happy to give you an answer as soon as possible.

EDIT: It appears we're still having issues with our emailing system and I'm trying to make sure that gets fixed asap.


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