22 Jun

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Which version do you have?  

26 May

You might like the Census mod - it gives a decision to pay for a census at any time in your realm and at the end it gives you a book artifact with your realm's data in it.  

24 May

This topic doesn't belong to CK3's universe and might lead to some unwanted discussions in this forum.

23 May

...also known as "I'll wait until the movie comes out"

Hello! Long time I don't post any suggestions anywhere, so that sure will be interesting... (and pardon if my writing might be a bit boring, this one will be a longy). This one isn't, in no shape or form, a complete project with all variables calculated about how this should or could be implemented. It's really just a general idea.

I admit this one is such a small part of the game's core and might be a bit niche and/or a bit complicated to implement, but that's an idea I've had for quite some time and I think could really enhance the feel of immersion, so let's get to it - and any modders out there who think this is possible, feel free to take inspiration too.

Since artifacts were added to the game in 1.8, one that I've always felt could do with some more depth was books. That was a problem also in CK2, wher... Read more

22 May

This type of trollish and sarcastic behavior has no place here in the forums.
Thread locked.

05 Apr

LucaF. said: I don't see 'Add to Account' button in the Chapter II Steam page (image attached is obviously a screenshot cutted).
You have to buy Chapter II first  

11 Mar

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Applejacks23 said: AH thank you very much. I feel silly now.
Don't worry :)
Were you able to update the game?  
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Applejacks23 said: The most recent version available under beta is 1.7.2 . Could this be a problem with my pc itself?

If you're really talking about 1.8.0, it's not available anywhere as far as I know - not even in the beta branch.
Now, if you want the latest version of the game, that would be 1.8.1, and it is NOT in the beta list, as it is the current version. You have to select "None" in that list to be able to update at all.  

06 Mar

The goblet is probably grand activities.  

04 Mar

Should it be the main focus of the game? No.
Should it receive any updates in the future to improve it? Yeah, I'd like to see that, specially adding siege events, some more importance to the naval side of it and other things. But, to be honest, if it stays the way it is now, I'm fine with it too.  
Do you or the target have any traits that modify scheme success chance?
Also, does the target have a powerful spymaster?  
I'd really like to see memories tied to book artifacts too. We have the option to comission books and make them about our dinasty - we gain some renown, claims, etc., but it'd be really nice to see a sort of historical knowledge construction throughout the game, and when we access the memory of long gone characters we see like "X did Y, as written in the book Z" or something, and see the construction of historical truths/myths.

Would it be feasible? I really don't know, but it'd be quite nice.  

03 Mar

To be honest, the more I look at it, the more this thread seems like a trollish bait.
AWittyName said: I knew my philosophy minor was good for something!

1. Cats are notoriously aloof as a species and slow to take to being picked up, especially by strangers.
2. Yaropolk is *old* and can probably not catch the cat if the cat makes any effort to avoid him, which per (1) it is likely to do and is likely to find an inaccessible point to hide out in.
3. The king's hated rival has just grabbed a presumably well-liked pet of the king and placed him into a loaded trebuchet, with none of the people at an active military installation doing anything about it

I'm going...
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InsidiousMage said: Next up, the event makes me think the person who wrote it has doesn't actually know what a cat is, just that it is a small animal that people keep as pets. The idea that anyone, but especially an old man, could somehow manage to grab a cat just defies basic logic. If a cat doesn't want you to hold it, you aren't going to be able to do so. There is also the fact that the instant Yaropolk lunges towards the cat its going to run away and no person can actually move fast enough to catch it at that exact moment. Someone, but not Yaropolk, could probably rundown a cat but cats can also hide under ...
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02 Mar

Just a reminder that it's not permitted to shame people because their first language isn't English. Some posts have been deleted already because of it.

Also, @algerwie, feel free to use translation tools - such as
Google Translate or ... Read more

23 Feb

Lord0ver said: first choice - attempt to win my heart. She is already my wife
Marriage in the game is what it was back then: a "contract" between two noble families. So no, being married to someone doesn't mean you're already in love with them.
If she succeeds in the scheme, she'll become your lover - you'll have an opinion boost with her and a higher chance of bearing children. And she'll not becone your primary wife, no.  

20 Feb

Some minor things I'd want back:

- Coronation
- The possibility of ancestors becoming saints
- The Joan of Arc event chain
- Diseases - but in a better way than just seclude-and-wait tho
- Having Chinese visitors coming from time to time

I'd also like some kind of Conclave mechanism, tho to be honest I rarely played with it in CK2  
Just a reminder to stay on topic. There's already a thread in the first page right now about the speed of the game's development cycle - no need to derail this one into this topic too.

Posts deleted and infractions given.

23 Jan

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