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MH Community

21 Jul

Hey Hunters,

Welcome to Kamura Hunter’s Hub #13!

A lot has happened since our last post, and that’s putting it lightly! Sunbreak has launched and you’ve joined us on a new adventure to save the Kingdom.

You’ve boldly charged into Master Rank to save the Kingdom and we’ve loved hearing about your hunts and seeing all the new armour and weapon combos you’ve been crafting and wielding.

Thank you all so much for your amazing support of Sunbreak’s launch, you rock even more than a Basirios!

A New Dawn!
Now Hunters, Sunbreak may have launched but your adventures in the Kingdom have only just begun.

In this week’s post we’ll be having a look at launch, sharing some words from Sunbreak’s Director, Yosh*take Suzuki, as well as peering into the near future at Title Update 1 and beyond!

Your Thoughts and Feedback

Thr... Read more

20 Jul

Hey Hunters,

We hope you’re all having a great week and the mantles are flowing!

Ahead of this week’s Kamura Hunter’s Hub community post, which is dropping tomorrow, we wanted to share some exciting information about Title Update 1, straight from Sunbreak Director Suzuki!

Now, let’s take a look at the brand new details that Director Suzuki shared with the community earlier today:

For the first Title Update, we're adding new content regarding Anomaly Research. In relation to that, here's a sneak peek at Qurious Crafting, which allows for armor upgrades. The upgrades utilize new materials that will be added with the update. Please look forward to more news!

- Suzuki, Sunbreak Director

That’s right, you’ll be able to further upgrade your armour as part of Title Update 1! Your H... Read more

24 Jun

Hey Hunters,

Welcome to Kamura Hunter’s Hub #12!

This week we’ve got some very exciting Sunbreak news and reveals, courtesy of the recent Capcom Showcase event. So for those of you looking to keep as spoiler free as possible ahead of launch next week, this is your SPOILER WARNING!

Now, let’s take a look at some of the fearsome monsters that await you on June 30th…

A New Frontier!
Ready Hunters? Prepare to venture into a lush locale, the Jungle, as your quest to save the Kingdom brings you face to face with dangerous new monsters…

Welcome to the Jungle!

The Jungle, a paradise for the wide range of monsters and plant life that inhabit it. Prepare to explore and hunt your way thro... Read more

13 Jun

Hey everyone,

We hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Get ready for exciting new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak reveals as later today is the Capcom Showcase!

Check out the teaser trailer below...

When and Where!
We'd live to invite you to join us live at 15:00 PDT / 23:00 BST / 00:00 CEST today as we reveal brand new Sunbreak info live!

You'll be able to watch from the comfort of your seat, sofa or Palamute with the link below:

The event starts at the times listed above, so don't be late!

If you can't make the event, fear not! We'll be streaming it to the Monster Hunter Rise Steam Store page ... Read more

27 May

Hey Hunters,

Welcome to Kamura Hunter’s Hub #11!

Since our last post, we’ve been revealing brand new weapon actions coming to Sunbreak over on the Monster Hunter social channels. We’d seen some of you chatting about it and discussing the reveals here in General Discussions, so we thought hey, now all 14 weapons have had their reveals lets share all that goodness for our Steam Hunters!

In today’s post we’ll be detailing four of the weapons and linking to the other ten so you can see them all in action! After the weapons we’ll also be showing you how Sunbreak is building upon Rise’s Dango mechanics to give you even more choice when going into a hunt…

New Silkbind Attacks and Switch Skills
As previously mentioned in ... Read more

13 May

Hey Hunters,

Welcome to Kamura Hunter’s Hub #10!

We’ve got an info packed post this week as we dive into the new monsters, hunting actions and more that have just been revealed during the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – May Digital Event!

We’d also like to extend a huge WELCOME to all the new Hunters that have joined us as part of the recent discount, welcome to Kamura!! If you’re looking for some pointers to help you settle in and thrive in Kamura, we’ve got some helpful posts you can check out below:

Introducing Wirebugs & Mobility Usage
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26 Apr

Hey Hunters,

Welcome to Kamura Hunter’s Hub #9!

In this week’s post we’ve got two short videos that showcase some new Sunbreak gameplay! If you’ve been itching to see what it’s like to fight the hulking fanged beast Garangolm, or to discover more about the mysterious Citadel locale then you’re in for a treat!

We’re also excited to share with you all that the next Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak news reveal is on the horizon! More news on that after the videos…

New Gameplay Previews!
Before we dive into the videos, we’d just like to highlight that the content below was captured on Nintendo Switch. Whilst the footage isn’t fully representative of playing on PC, we thought you’d appreciate the opportunity to see some Sunbreak preview gameplay in action ahead of launch here on Steam this June 30th!

For those wanting to avoid spoilers too, consider this your Mild Gameplay Spoilers Alert!.

Garangolm Hunt ... Read more

01 Apr

Hey Hunters,

Welcome to Kamura Hunter’s Hub #8!

In this week’s post we’re going to be diving into some of the reveals and juicy new info that was revealed during the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event on March 15th!

To kick things off we revealed that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be releasing on June 30th this year! You can pre-purchase it right now:

If you didn’t manage to watch the event live,... Read more

11 Mar

Hey Hunters,

Welcome to Kamura Hunter’s Hub #7!

We hope you’ve all been enjoying the new content that’s been added to Monster Hunter Rise since the arrival of Version in February!

From the Universal Studios Japan collaboration and its unique gear to new Event Quests that offer exciting new challenges, layered armour, pose sets and more – there’s something for everyone! So, if you haven’t yet, make sure to go and speak to your friendly Felyne, Senri the Mailman, to dive into the new content.

As for today’s post it’ll be slightly shorter than usual as we focus on a very exciting event occurring next week…

Monster Hunter Digital Event – March 15th
That’s right, this coming Tuesday March 15th brings with it the next Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event!

Y... Read more

18 Feb

Hey Hunters,

Welcome to the sixth instalment of Kamura Hunter’s Hub!

This week we’re going to be taking an early look at a small selection of some of the new Event Quest content that’ll be arriving next week in version 3.9!

From the eagerly anticipated Universal Studios Japan (USJ) collab, to new layered armour, stickers, pose sets and fresh challenges to test your skills as a Hunter, there’s something for everyone!

Are your weapons sharpened and ammo loaded? Good! Let’s jump in…

New Event Quests Spotlight
USJ Collab – ... Read more

01 Feb

Hey Hunters,

Welcome to the fifth instalment of Kamura Hunter’s Hub and our first post since Monster Hunter Rise launched on Steam!

To mark the occasion, we’ll be touching base on the game’s launch, helping new players settle into Kamura and known issues.

We’ll then wrap things up with a mysterious tease for the future from Sunbreak Director Suzuki, so don’t miss out on that!

The hunt is on!
It’s been a little over two weeks since Monster Hunter Rise launched on Steam and we want to say a huge THANK YOU for all of your amazing support so far!

With so many Hunters joining the hunt we know Kamura is in the best possible hands and the Rampage can be defeated!

Whether Monster Hunter Rise is your first Monster Hunter title, or you’re joining us from Monster... Read more

12 Jan


Salutations Hunters! As many of you may know, Monster Hunter Rise is available on Steam starting January 12. To celebrate the PC release, Capcom is partnering exclusively with Twitch to introduce the Monster Hunter Rise PC Launch Week Huntathon.

From January 12 at 9am PST through January 19 at 9am PST, you’ll receive a Hunter’s Guild Gift Set when you support participating Twitch creators. Just gift two subs to eligible Twitch creators while they live stream Monster Hunter Rise, and you’ll receive your reward redemption code redeemable on Steam.

The special Hunter’s Guild Gift Set for Monster Hunter Rise PC includes a Palico ‘Nine Tails’ Outfit, Palamute ‘Long Coat’ Outfit, Cohoot ‘Fluffy Hood’ Outfit, Hunter ‘Fox Mask’ Accessory, Hunter Voice Swap (Master Utsushi), and Hunter Voice Swap (Hinoa).

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07 Jan

Hey Hunters,

Welcome to 2022, we hope you all had a great time over the holiday period!

For our fourth instalment of Kamura Hunter’s Hub we’re going to be showcasing some areas and characters of Kamura Village that you’ll find very helpful to be aware of.

On top of that we’re pleased to be showcasing not one, but two sets of armor in 4k for your viewing pleasure. Things will then wrap up with our first visit of 2022 from Sunbreak’s Director Suzuki!

We’ve got less than a week to go until launch, so let’s get ready to face the Rampage!

Getting Started: Village Tips!
Whether you’re a new Hunter, or coming over from Monster Hunter World, the Community Team have put together some quick and useful tips to help you settle into Kamura Village from January 12th.

Whilst what we share below will aid you throughout your time in Kamura, there’s even more to discover, so make sure to explore the village and introduce yourself to eve... Read more

23 Dec

Hey Hunters,

Welcome to our third instalment of the Kamura Hunter’s Hub, our regular community update for you, the Monster Hunter Rise Steam community!

In this week’s post we’ll be highlighting the offensive capabilities of Wirebugs through the use of techniques called “Silkbind Attacks”, as well as taking a look at two more Monsters and their updated textures for the PC release of Monster Hunter Rise.

We’ll then wrap things up with another visit from Sunbreak’s Director Suzuki, who’s sharing some interesting information on a newly revealed Monster that’s coming to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in Summer 2022.

Let’s get stuck in!

Beginner’s Guide – Silkbind Attacks!
Maximise your combat potential!

Now that we’ve covered how to successfully utilise Wirebugs for mobility both in and out of combat in our previous two posts, it’s time to shift our focus to use Wirebugs to go on the attack!

... Read more

09 Dec

Hey Hunters,

Welcome to the second Kamura Hunter’s Hub! For those of you that may have missed our debut post, the Hunter’s Hub is our regular community update for you, the Monster Hunter Rise community here on Steam.

In this week’s post we’ve got part 2 of our beginner’s guide to Wirebugs, where we’ll be showcasing even more mobility options for you to utilise! We’ll also be taking a closer look at the work that’s gone into Monster textures for the PC release of Monster Hunter Rise. Things will then wrap up with some more new info and insights from Suzuki, Director of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!

Now, let’s swing into action!

Beginner’s Guide – Wirebug Actions: Part 2!
Maximising your mobility

In Hunter’s Hub #1 we introduced and explored Wirebugs, an endemic life native to Kamura that gives Hunters in Monster Hunter Rise unparalleled mobility both in and out of combat.

If yo... Read more

26 Nov

Hey Hunters,

Welcome to Hunter’s Hub, our new, regular community update where we at Capcom can touch base with you on current community topics right here on Steam. We’ll be chatting about Monster Hunter Rise and the upcoming expansion Sunbreak, and share updates directly from the Monster Hunter team!

As this is our first entry, we’re going to be using it as an introduction, but if there’s anything you’d like to see the team talk about in future posts, let us know in the comments!

Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC on January 12th, 2022 and we can’t wait for you to experience a whole new journey here on Steam as you seek to save Kamura from the dreaded Rampage.

We’re also very excited about the expansion, Sunbreak, coming Summer 2022 and will look to share updates straight from Director Suzuki and the team with you in our future posts!

Beginner’s Guide – Wirebug Actions: Part 1!
From t... Read more