22 Mar


So cool! Thanks for the neat fanart pajausk!

25 Jan

Super excited to have you join us @Roshen !! Woot! 🤗

19 Jan


Leyline Orrery - What Freehold building does this fit onto? Is it for a Scholar building? It looks large. Will this take up most of a Freehold? When will the staff decide on which buildings go on which item? We've been waiting for years for an answer. Can you at least tell us if this will Not be able to be used as a house cosmetic? I think many might be buying cosmetics that they will not be able to use when the actual purpose is finally revealed. Love the designs, love the talented staff, but: If we are a Glorious Ashes Community, then don't we deserve some clarity? @MargaretKrohn @Vaknar

Hi there!

To clarify in regards to this specific thread, yes, the Leyline Orrery can be placed on your house as a housing cosmetic.

For the others asking about clarity on a larger-scale,

I know there have been quite a few questions regarding cosmetics over the years. As we g... Read more

13 Jan

You know I absolutely adore you @LieutenantToast ! 😍💕

😭 So sad you're leaving, but I am excited to see what you do in your new career outside of the industry!

And... I know we'll see you on Verra in the future! 😉

17 Nov


📺 In case you missed it, we’ve created a VOD capturing all of the best moments from our 24-hour stream benefiting Extra Life and Rady Children's Hospital!

❤ Thank you to everyone who donated, tuned in, and helped raise over $34,000 for this life-changing cause!

Learn more:
Watch VOD: ... Read more

30 Oct


did i win yet?

Haha. I see you've watched last year's stream. 😅😂🤣

We'll have to see if these commands show up again. 😉

Please add Margaret/Steven duet to the milestones. And no laughing or talking this time. You have to sing the entire song without interruptions. (How have the masses not clamored for this yet?)
The first idea is mandatory, 'cause it has to be. How can it not be? You guys sing like angels.

Here are some suggestions.

Steven shave head, not beard, ala Jeff Bezos.
New office/studio tour, including an in-depth tour of Steven's office.
Duck, duck, goose, game. (No actual goosing 'cause that's how you get in trouble with HR)
Wynne McLaughlin writes something, like lore or a stand alone story. Maybe reads it too.
Bacon and more Bacon!
Squid Game. Winner gets a raise IRL. Only .25 cents an hour but it's still fun. Also, you could do this every year Steven. lol.

There are a ton of other milestones - I planned a ton in case we hit those high milestones c... Read more

18 Oct


📅 Make sure to mark your calendars, it's almost time for a 24-hour stream to support Extra Life! 🥳 Learn more:

Tune in and participate for a chance to win Alpha Two access, unlock some juicy Ashes of Creation lore, and much more!

13 Sep


This is so SO SO so GLORIOUS! Our Intrepid Fam is really thankful for the wonderful messages you all sent us.

Lots of happy tears going down.


30 Aug


Originally posted by Pickadoliver

Margaret is always butchering my name whenever I get a question in on stream ;(

Edit: 1:08 for reference

Feel free to let me know how it's intended to be pronounced.

29 Aug

07 Aug


How can I download the game??? I've just purchased the 500$ package. I've got no instructions how and where to download. Well, i m not happy about my purchase. Cannot find a link for to download the alpha build. I'be followed your link categories/alpha-one-testing, but i got Problem acces message. Pls, make the processus more friendly user. It s a headeache actually. 30 minutes i m searching and still cannot download.

Please follow Steps 1-5 here!

We love this vibe! Thanks for the unique update video!


Originally posted by Charlie_ForceField

Anyone want to confirm if "A quiet place" was inspiration for the mini pet because it reminds me of that a lot.

It was actually not the inspo, but I totally see it now that so many folks have mentioned it. Maybe it was in my subconscious. Haha.


We'll definitely have some massive creatures for you to fight. ;)


Great video! Thanks for sharing Scrumpy! =)

06 Aug


Originally posted by ILoveAsianChicks69

If I had a nickel for everytime a new red flag about this game popped up concerning literally anything, money, investing, kickstarter, "beta packages", animations, the game in general, "its coming out in 2021 in a 2018 video", and now refunds

Hell I'd probably have $350 dollars by now

I would just like to note that we do refunds on ALL purchases as long as they meet the criteria in our refund policy.


Originally posted by NiKras

If we got any Ashes historians here, does anyone know when the refund policy got implemented? I remember in the last similar post the OP said that when he bought the game "there wasn't one" (iirc).

Cause, as much as I agree with and understand the frustration, if the policy of the company states "we ain't returning shit after a certain period of time", and you disregard that during your purchase - that's on you.

Now if the bundle was bought before this rule got implemented, then we have a few problems that should definitely be sent through proper legal channels.

Our policy previously was 30 days, and on May 10th, 2021 we changed it to 90 days as noted here.