09 Nov

Hello, and welcome to the last dev diary before we release Origins and the 1.32 update! We’re very excited about the upcoming release, and we hope that it meets your expectations, both the Immersion Pack and the free update.

Today different members of our team will be showing you a lot of different stuff. First, the new achievements. Then, the complete list of new monuments (although someone has already posted it here in the forums, for what I’ve seen). Finally, we’ll talk about how we handle tests and analysis of the game, how that has helped us with the 1.32 update, and specifically about the Tribal Development rework. Let’s go!


Hello everybody!
My name is Raúl Trullenque (@RaulTrullenque in the forums), I am a new Content Designer working here at Tinto. Before joining this team I was not a regular forum denizen, just part of the silent majo... Read more

04 Nov

Ey folks!:D

Happy to be back! As most of you know… WE ARE A WEEK AWAY FROM THE RELEASE OF ORIGINS.

It’s crazy how fast time goes by, but I’m really proud of the work that the Dev Team has put into the Immersion Pack over the past couple of months.

You have been reading a lot of interesting Dev Diaries about Origins content, but as my colleague Pavía said in his last DD, it’s time to talk about the 1.32 update.

I want to emphasize how important this update is, since we have done more than +450 fixes, I mean it’s awesome.

Well like I said before, I’m so proud of our team, but as the saying goes, a changelog says a thousand words :)

Thanks for your attention, cheers!

You can find the patch notes here; {LINK REMOVED}... Read more

02 Nov

Welcome to this week’s dev diary. I’m David Horler, the Art Lead at Tinto, and I’m very excited to show you what the art team has been cooking up in recent months.

In the last year the art team at our Barcelona studio has exploded, rapidly expanding to the 9 talented artists that we have today—including every discipline from 3D character artist to UI developer. We have so much interesting stuff planned for the future, but for now I’ll introduce to you some of the work we’ve already done for Origins.

So what is the process for making art in one of our immersion packs? The first thing that happens is the brief, in this case Johan asked us to prepare 16 unit models and 2 missionaries for sub-Saharan Africa, a hugely underrepresented area in terms of previous art DLCs.

We opened up the game to see which cultures are missing art, and while East and West Africa already had unit models, we noticed a large area of southern Africa that was not already covered by unit ... Read more

26 Oct

Hello everyone, and be welcomed! In today’s DD we are going to take a look at different topics of the Origins Immersion Pack, and 1.32 patch: the new Judaism mechanics, more new mission trees all along Africa, and the setup changes we’ve done to the region. So, it will be content-heavy, then.

Let’s start with the new Judaism mechanics. It was one major religion lacking mechanics at this point of the game, so we thought that now it would be a good moment to handle it. Semien is the only country that can spawn with Judaism early game, while it can also be adopted by one of the most important countries in Origins, Ethiopia. And, on a side note, as it was VERY requested by you in the previous DD, and that reassured us on the ongoing work over it!

How we have designed it, Judaism works very similar to Protestantism, as it has 3 slots for Torah Aspects, each one costing 100 points of Faith Power. Those points are gained at a rate of 10% of your monarch points per month, min... Read more

19 Oct

Hello and welcome to the 5th Dev Diary for the upcoming Africa update!

Today we shall take a look at the two biggest tags in East Africa and Southern Africa: Kilwa and Mutapa as well as the formables of Africa. Please take into account that all modifiers and numbers are currently under ongoing testing, and as we want to continue gathering your feedback, some may be changed before release. Let’s get started with Kilwa!

Kilwa has been historically a great trade power in East Africa with connections to Far East Asia. To represent this, the mission tree is heavily focused on the naval presence and trade dominance of the trade nodes which eventually lead into the Zanzibar trade node.

The first column from the left focuses on the gold sources of Mutapa as well as the colonization of Southern Africa. “The Gold of Zimbabwe” will give ... Read more

13 Oct

Hello everybody, and welcome! This week we will shift the focus from the upcoming African content, to the new Monuments that we will be introducing for Leviathan DLC owners, and that will come along with the 1.32 patch.

As this has been quite a popular feature of the last DLC, we felt that we could create a few more for the game. And when I say a few, I mean that we’ve almost doubled them, with 52 new monuments being added. So first let’s talk a bit about the creative process and the decisions that we made when choosing which ones we wanted, and then I will be showing some of them (although not all, as that would really be a long post, and we want to surprise you a bit when looking at them for the first time ingame!).

The creative process started a few months ago, just after releasing the new Monuments of 1.31.5 patch. As we pointed out back then, the thing that takes more time about this feature is the Art involved, and because of that you’ve not heard anything about... Read more

05 Oct

Hello and welcome to the 4th Dev Diary for the upcoming Africa update. For this Dev Diary we return to the new content for 1.32; to be more precise, we will delve into the tropical Congo Basin. Afterwards we shall take a look at the Horn of Africa again to give you a status update of the region. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

We begin with a rather compact mission tree for Kongo.

The mission tree is split into three parts, which lead into two endgame missions with strong rewards. The first three missions from the right are classic conquest missions to unify the Kongolese culture group. Highlights of these missions are the expansion into the Zambia area, a colony in Lega, and permanent claims on the East Africa region.

The second column from the left deals with the establishment into a proper kingdom and its re... Read more

21 Sep

Hello and welcome to the 3rd Dev Diary for the content of the Sub-Saharan region. Today we shall take a look at the Horn of Africa - at Ajuuraan and Ethiopia to be more precise.

We start off with Ajuuraan as they have the smaller mission tree. Ajuuraan is one of the Somali clans in the Horn and is known for its impressive irrigation system, for its unique position as a theocratic clan state, as a trading nation, which had its merchants active in India and Asia, and even as a winner against Portuguese aggression. The mission tree for Ajuuraan reflects these traits, focusing on both the military strength and the trade power it possessed.

The most left row focuses on the trade aspect of Ajuuraan. A theme of this row is the importance of Mogadishu as a center of trade and its minted currency. After annexing Mogadishu you get ... Read more

14 Sep

Hello and welcome to the 2nd Dev Diary for the content of the Sub-Saharan region. Today we will continue with West Africa and take a look at Songhai.

Songhai is the militaristic powerhouse, which will replace Mali as the dominant power of West Africa until its end through infightings for the throne and at the hands of the Moroccans invading from the North. As a result of that, the mission tree of Songhai focuses on militaristic advancement, the conquest of West Africa and the expansion into Maghreb (basically turning the tables on the Moroccans).

The second and third columns are classic conquest missions. Although I like to avoid pure conquest missions, they are inevitable for a country which is famous for its militaristic expansion.

With that said, the second column focuses on the conquest of the western territories of W... Read more