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Coming hot off the recent release of Emerald Plains, our dev team were excited to answer your burning questions about Maps and Operators - past, present, and future. Over the course of the AMA, they answered a variety of topics, including night maps, the design process of Emerald Plains, and their approach to keeping Siege fresh each season. Y... Read more

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Hey! This is a known issue the team is investigating. Thank you!

06 Aug

We are working on a fix for that! Here's a redirect for the Closed Test forum
This is a legitimate email! There was an error at the start of the NDA signing process, which as since been fixed. Players who were sent the incorrect NDA need to resign the new NDA.

05 Aug

Hello! As a reminder, this test is for US and CA players on PC, and is a random selection process. You can check your status on our website!

Originally posted by eeKanji

Is EU completely out of the test as I've seen some comments say? Or will it go live later?

This test is for US and CA. There is potential in the future for more testing phases for other egions and platforms, which is why you should still register!


Originally posted by Ndadvic

"There is no confirmed end date at this time!" - UbiMorning (Ubisoft Community Manager) he/she just posted that in another related thread :)

That be me! And that's right!


Originally posted by mcclearsalias

I've agreed to the NDA and invited friends, but I don't have the Preload in "My Games" anywhere. Hopefully it's just taking a bit to show up; I only worry slightly as my download speed can kind of be atrocious haha. Excited to try it out!

EDIT: Got my Pre-load going! Just took a bit to show up after-all

It may take a few hours for it to show up! If you don't have it after 24 hours, [contact Ubisoft Support.](support.ubi.com/Cases/New)


Originally posted by immaelox

Anyone else only get 3 invites? Sorry if this gets asked a lot, but I haven’t seen it asked any more

There's a known issue where some players are missing invites. As long as you weren't invited by a friend, you should have a total of 5 invites. Its being looked into!

04 Aug


There are invite waves still going on for the upcoming Closed Test! Just a reminder though, it is just for PC players in US or Canada currently. There are more tests coming in the future though!

No, any recording, screen sharing, streaming, or screenshotting is not allowed due to NDA.

Originally posted by kkharadirock

Asia, maybe the Closed Test is not available outside of US and CA, I'm hoping for it to go global as soon as possible.

Yeah, this test is US and CA only at this time. However, there will be more tests in the future fot other regions and platforms! Thank your for that info!


Hey! Can you confirm what region you are from? This is a known issue the team is investigating. Can you also provide your Ubisoft username? Thank you!


Just wanted to add that we have mentioned there will be more testing phases in the future, so this isn't the only test ever! I definitely understand a lot of non-NA friends are a bit upset not being able to get their hands on it yet, but your time will come soon enough.

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