20 Jan


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Thank you! I will. It sound really weird, and I'm not sure what trigger it, but was annoying as changing windows in the options menu appeared more often.

Do you have the Text-To-Speech option enabled? Not sure if you meant to have it on, but that is most likely what you are hearing! The team is looking into the issue with it being hard to understand, especially on PS4.


I haven't heard of that bug before! Did restarting your PS4 help at all? If you are still running into it, can you take a clip and create a bug report?

18 Jan


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Idk how I would go about that

You can add people through Ubisoft Connect and invite them to your squad through the in-game Squad menu. Here's our FAQ for adding friends! Xbox and PS players can matchmake against each other currently! It is on by default. You can also play with PC friends, however, if you have a PC player in your squad, your matches will be played on PC lobbies.

17 Jan


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Yes I actually do use the color blind options, I have fairly bad eyesight so that option takes the strain off my eyes.

Thanks for confirming! Like I mentioned, I've flagged it to the team to have them look into this. For the normal-non-colorblind mode, it works correctly since the bar is usually white and the animation color is red. The colorblind options have it so the animation color is a slightly different shade of the base color, but it does not make much of a difference.


Out of curiosity, do you happen to use a Colorblind option? I've reported the fact all the colorblind options make the new health bar extremely hard to understand when someone takes damage.


Hey! I'll pass this on to the team to look into. Thanks for the flag!

16 Jan


What platform do you play on? What region are you from? Have you tried any troubleshooting so far?


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Daily gift thing doesn't work for me for quite some time already. I honestly collect daily pieces to claim a box with a prize inside and for at least last five or four iterations I didn't receive anything. Anyone else has this too?

I haven't heard this reported! Do you have a clip of what happens when you open the Daily Gift? Or are you specifically saying the issue is with the Specifial Gift?


Hey! The dev team is currently looking into options for the Daily Gift for people who have completed the battle pass. Completely understand it feels silly to collect it if you are only getting BP points. Thanks for reaching out!

Hey there! Last Lab Blog Post, the team mentioned the next goal for Arcadium was to add the ability to play in it with your Squad. I know that isn't quite what you are asking, but I figured I'd mention that. As far as Custom Games, this may be a task that would be a bit more complicated due to technical limitations, but I have passed the suggestion along!

12 Jan


Hello contenders! We would like to announce some upcoming key dates regarding the January Lab Update. Disclaimer: This is NOT the launch of Season 3. Season 2 is still extended, and we do not have an ETA on the start of Season 3 just yet.

  • We will be posting the January Lab Blog Post on January 19th.
  • The full Patch Notes will be available on January 25th.
  • We plan to push the patch live on all platforms on January 26th, which is subject to change.
  • We would also like to confirm that there are Aim Assist nerfs included in this patch, among some other improvements!

As always, we sincerely appreciate your dedication to Hyper Scape and understand many of you are extremely passionate. We as a community all want Hyper Scape to continue to improve and grow, and your discussions are extremely vital for that cycle to continue. We cannot wait to share more details of what is to come. You can find our announcement tweet ...

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Can they make a stickied reddit post about it as well? Not many people are gonna find it in these comments, and some people don't do the twitter

Working on it!


Thanks for sharing your concerns! I am happy to share that there are aim assist nerfs coming with the next Lab update. We just announced the dates for our upcoming update, including patch note date and the ETA for the actual update. Thank you again!


You'll be happy to know there are upcoming Aim Assist nerfs in the upcoming Lab update! We will have more exact details to share in the blog post next week.


I would like to pop in and share that we have announed the dates for our next upcoming patch which does include Aim Assist nerfs. We will have more to share on the 19th with the blog post!


Hello everyone! We have just announced our next Lab Blog Post will be coming on the 19th, which does include Aim Assist nerfs across all platforms. You can find our tweet here! We appreciate your continued discussions. Once again, the dev team is here to stay and committed to Hyper Scape, and we sincerely appreciate those that have been thoroughly constructive.

11 Jan


Originally posted by WauiTV-

Any idea of season 3?? I imagine many content creators like myself want to play this game and grind it but it’s getting a little dry. No rush and I understand the process can be vigorous. Just wanted to know a little something

Seaon 3 is currently delayed while the team has been working on the Lab initiatives. However, we are getting close to the end of the Lab updates! I don't have a specific ETA for Season 3 just yet, but we definitely have stuff planned for it. Our next lab update will be veeeeeerrrrrryyyyyyy soon :D


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Would have to find where they said it, basically that they were forced to cut down to a small dev team, and they’ll probably still release seasons and stuff but already felt like they were reluctant to get cross-play out

That's not what was said. Dev Team has not abandoned the project. Dev team has not decreased in size. What did change was the structure of the team into cell-based groups. We are not going anywhere.

09 Jan


Hey! If you are still getting this error message, I'd suggest these troubleshooting steps (PC Xbox or PS) before reaching out to [Ubisoft Support](support.ubi.com/Cases/New). Make sure to include what steps you've tried on your ticket so our team can investigate it for you!