22 Apr

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Testing the display of consumable camouflages on aircraft.

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18 Mar

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Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary, subject to change during testing, and may not appear on the main server. Any final information will be published on the official portal.

Changes in "Patrol Fighters" and "Fighter" consumables:

The detectability range of all fighters now matches their spotting range and is equal to 18 km.

This change will eliminate cases where a ship could be detected by enemy fighters after a main battery shot was fired, while the fighters themselves remained undetected. In addition, the action zone of fighters will now be visible more consistently on the minimap, which will allow players to better plan their movements in battle.

06 Mar

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The characteristics of these ships are currently in the preliminary balancing stage. We will publish further details in the near future.

27 Feb

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On the second stage of 0.9.2 Public test, we've changed the characteristics of several ships, having analyzed their combat performance and taken player feedback into account. Such changes were required in order to carefully adjust the balance of selected warships. We'll continue to introduce changes in the updates that will follow, if deemed necessary.

American battleship Arkansas Beta, Tier IV:

The possibility to mount the "Ship Consumables Modification 1" upgrade is added

Soviet cruiser Aurora, Tier III:

Turret traverse speed increased from 5.0 to 5.1 degrees per second.

Soviet battleship Sinop, Tier VII:

Sigma parameter reduced from 1.55 to 1.50

Soviet battleship Kremlin, Tier X:

Sigma parameter reduced from 1.85 to 1.80

American cruiser Atlanta, Tier VII:

Main battery reload time reduced from 5.0 to 4.9 s.

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30 Jan

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We continue to work on improving the balance in our game. The following balance changes will be made in Update 0.9.1:

Japanese aircraft carrier Hakuryu. Tier X:

Fixed an error with the accuracy of the stock Attack Aircraft, which did not match the accuracy of the researchable Attack Aircraft. The accuracy of the stock fighters was lowered to the levels of the researchable ones;

Attack aircraft damage reduced from 3,450 to 3,350.

British cruiser Neptune, Tier IX:

Main battery reload time reduced from 5 to 4.8 s.

American destroyer Gearing, Tier X:

Stock torpedo tube reload time reduced from 106 to 103 s;

Researchable torpedo tube reload time reduced from 122 to 118 s.

Soviet ships:

Battleship Sinop, Tier VII:

Sigma parameter reduced from 1.6 to 1.55.

Battleship Kremlin, Tier X:

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10 Jan

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Main battery reload times were changed:

Surrey, tier VII: from 13 to 12.5 s;

Albemarle, tier VIII: from 14 to 13 s;

Cheshire, tier VIII: from 15 to 13 s

Drake, tier IX: from 16.5 to 18.5 s;

Goliath, tier X: from 19.5 to 19 s.

We adjusted the parameters of British heavy cruisers based on testing results.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

27 Sep

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Soviet battleship Poltava, tier VII:

Firing range of main caliber guns increased from 16.1 to 18.3 km.

Accuracy settings for the main caliber guns are adjusted to the standard settings for battleships.

Poltava's concept is very similar to that of Sinop, but due to the specifics of armoring it is less effective in close combat. We've increased Poltava's firing range and also changed the settings of her guns. Now the concept of Poltava will be closer to that of 'usual' battleships, but with some characteristic differences such as a limited number of Damage control party charges and a special armoring scheme.

American battleship California, tier VII:

Firing range of main caliber guns increased from 17 to 19.1 km.

Sigma parameter was changed from 1.7 to 1.8

In keeping with many other American battleships of her era, California does not have the fastest speed. Becau...

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17 Sep

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In update 0.8.8 we performed some major sound changes. Unfortunately, this version contains a few bugs that diminished your experience with the new audio. We apologize to you for that. Thank you for your feedback on the sound changes, it will help us to identify and fix all of the problems. The patch with bug fixes will be released before the end of the week.

Preliminary list of fixes:

Fixing the War Drums music mode;

Fixed an error that caused the ship's destruction message to be repeated;

Improvement of the sound of fires, hits, AA defenses and secondaries;

Changes in the sound transmission of enemy and friendly shots;

Fixed an error that causes the Audio Settings menu to not work properly.

Since some of the problems were related to the impossibility of fine-tuning the sound of the game due to incorrect functioning of the ...

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13 Sep

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German cruiser Mainz, tier VIII

In game, Mainz will have good range and firing speed and relatively good survivability for a ship armed with 150 mm guns, familiar to players of Nürnberg and Königsberg. She'll also have a decent torpedo armament.

Hit points – 42500. Plating - 27 mm.

Main battery - 4x3 150 mm. Firing range - 17.5 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 1700. Chance to cause fire – 8%. HE initial velocity - 960 m/s. Maximum AP shell damage - 3900. AP initial velocity - 960 m/s. Reload time - 7.5 s. 180 degree turn time - 30.0 s. Maximum dispersion - 154 м. Sigma – 2.00.

Torpedo tubes - 4x4 533 mm. Maximum damage - 13700. Range - 6.0 km. Speed - 64 kt. Reload time - 90 s. Launcher 180 degree turn time – 7.2 s. Torpedo detectability - 1.3 km.

AA defense: 18x2 37.0 mm. 12x4 20.0 mm. 12x2 105.0 mm.
AA defense short-range: continuous damage per second - 147, hit probability - 85 %,...

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Ricochet angles are changed for semi-armor-piercing (SAP) shells:

For 150 mm and 152 mm guns angles are changed from 80-85 to 65-80;

For 203 mm guns angles are changed from 75-80 to 65-80.

Venezia maintains her ricochet angles of 75-80.

We continue to tune SAP shells to provide commanders an option for counterplay - these shells will ricochet more often at sharp angles.

The Italian cruisers’ detectability range by air is fixed:

Eritrea, tier I: lowered from 7.12 to 5.12 km;

Alberto di Giussano, tier IV: increased from 3.96 to 4.49 km;

Raimondo Montecuccoli, tier V: lowered from 6.64 to 6.07 km;

Genova, tier V: lowered from 11.1 to 8.28 km;

Trento, tier VI: lowered from 7.86 to 5.31 km;

Zara, tier VII: lowered from 7.52 to 6.98 km;

Amalfi, tier VIII: lowered ...

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12 Sep

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Every autumn we hold a Halloween dedicated event and this year won't be an exception.

Thematic port has been updated, and a new "nightmare" level of difficulty has been added for operations "Saving Transylvania" and "Sunray in the Darkness"" for playing in divisions.

Added a new game mode - Twilight raid.

Players will have a battle of 3 teams of 3 players in each, who will fight each other, as well as ships under AI control. The main task will be to collect resources that can be found on the map or picked up in the area where the ship was destroyed. During the battle, the complexity of the attacking bot waves will increase, and the reward will grow with it. The goal in battle is to collect resources and get out of the portal in the center of the map.

All players will start the fight without any charges for consumables. ...

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Update 0.8.9 will start the Italian update cycle with early access to Italian cruisers.

Taranto port is added to the game.

There are 4 directives waiting for you, for the completion of which you will receive event containers and a new temporary resource - Italian Tokens.

From containers you can get combat missions for early access to Italian cruisers of tiers V - VIII.

You can exchange Italian tokens in the Armory for camouflages, signals, premium account, credits, event containers and random bundles.

The permanent "Grigio azzuro chiaro" camouflages with standard bonuses will be available for Italian tier V-VIII cruisers. Ships with this camouflage will be painted in light blue and gray - the standard palette of colors of ships of the Regia Marina in the early period of World War II.

New "Regia Marina" camouflage added, with the following...

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02 Aug

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Today, additional AA changes will be made on the public test server. The functioning of the AA zones will be changed and the AA defense plus aircraft parameters will be balanced.
These complex changes are aimed at:

Improving the AA defense balance, considering the changes in previous versions;

Making the confrontation of ships with a gap of one and two tiers more convenient and make non-top players life easier (both when playing against aircraft carriers and for them).

In the version 0.8.0, the AA Defense was divided into three non-crossing zones (short-range, mid-range and long-range) to emphasize unique features of each ship's AA Defense. However, its side effects have sometimes led to irrational situations.

In Update 0.8.7 we have changed the AA zones in a way that they now overlap and supplement each other: short-range air defense zone now can't be less than 1,5 km, while a mid-range zone and long-rang...

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23 Jul

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Researchable Italian tier I-X cruisers, as well as Italian Premium tier V cruiser Genova and Italian tier X destroyer Paolo Emilio will be added to the game in the upcoming super test session.

Italian cruisers have special consumable "Fuel Smokes", unique ammunition - semi-armor piercing shells, good maneuverability and a high salvo weight with long reload time.

Semi-armor piercing shells have the features of two types of shells at once:

Semi-armor piercing shells can ricochet, but the angles of the ricochet are more comfortable than those of armor piercing shells (60-85°);

For semi-armor piercing shells, the 14.3-caliber rule will apply;

If the ricochet does not happen, the mechanics of semi-armor piercing shells is similar to high explosive ones;

Semi-armor piercing shells don't have over penetrations;

Can't cause a fire;

Damage ...

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19 Jul

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The characteristics of these ships are currently in the balancing stage. We will publish further details in the near future.