03 Aug

Hi all,

Due to a backend issue, we will be taking Xbox NA offline in just under an hour at 5 pm EDT/10 pm BST. We expect the maintenance to take about 2 hours, and it should be complete by 7 pm EDT/12 am BST.

Thank you for your patience here.

This is the official discussion thread for "Watch DansGaming Explore Dragonhold for The World Plays ESO"

Join Twitch veteran and variety streamer DansGaming as he battles Dragons and cultists over three days as part of The World Plays ESO!

29 Jul


This is the official discussion thread for "Crown Store Showcase—August 2021"

Wield a sword of justice, protect the Green, and show your dedication to Zenithar with these new styles, costumes, mounts, furnishings, and more—all coming to the Crown Store in August!

28 Jul


This is the official discussion thread for "Waking Flame Preview—The Dread Cellar"

Continue your Gates of Oblivion adventure in the Dread Cellar, a new four-player dungeon arriving as part of the Waking Flame DLC.

22 Jul


This is the official discussion thread for "Watch Our Highlights from the First Month of The World Plays ESO!"

We’re a month into The World Plays ESO, and we’ve already explored a hefty part of Tamriel and dived deep into some of the game’s unique systems. Here’s some of our favorite clips from the last four weeks of streams.

19 Jul


@ZOS_SarahHecker Can we get a confirmation on whether this is an error or is it just that the date when the fox is going to leave the store a long way off? :)

This is not a limited-time offer. We will get the patcher tile updated to reflect this. Thank you for catching that!

This is the official discussion thread for "The World Plays ESO: July 19-August 1 Schedule & Participants"

We have even more streams coming for The World Plays ESO promotion over the next two weeks. Check out the schedule and new participants here!

15 Jul


Can the Northern Elsweyr ticket also be gotten from the Weekly trial quest in Sunspire?

Yes, if you do the weekly Trial quest before doing a daily it will count as your Northern Elsweyr Event Ticket for the day.


Will southern elsweyr have a discount on this event? Thanks!

Hm... you're right, the announcement isn't explicitly clear if Dragonhold DLC will have a 50% discount - unless you get it in the megapack.

If you don’t own Elsweyr or Dragonhold, you can acquire both from the in-game Crown Store on sale during the event period, with 50% off the Elsweyr DLC (and 50% off the Elsweyr Collector’s Pack!) as well as the new addition of the Season of the Dragon mega-pack, which includes the Dragonhold, Wrathstone, and Scalebreaker DLCs.

We updated this line to be more clear! It's just the megapack and Elsweyr, not the individual DLCs (like Dragonhold.)

13 Jul


This is the official discussion thread for "Watch Nicole Savoy & Rich Lambert Showcase ESO’s PvE Challenges"

The World Plays ESO marches on with two special streams from pro wrestler Nicole Savoy and ESO’s Creative Director Rich Lambert.

07 Jul


This is the official discussion thread for the blog article "ESO Live: July 9 at 6PM EDT—Waking Flame Dungeon Preview"

Get your first look this Friday at the two new dungeons arriving with the upcoming Waking Flame DLC on Twitch.tv/Bethesda!

06 Jul

Hey all, just confirming you can submit a ticket if you missed out on purchasing a fragment today. Please keep in mind we try to respond to all tickets within 48 hours and you can either respond via email or through the support portal.

02 Jul

Thanks for the info everyone. We are looking into this.

01 Jul


Wait, I thought that an altmer and a khajiit will be available with the birds, but preview shows just birds. Where are the bird holders?

Hey there, they fly behind you or hang out on your arm similar to the screenshot.

This is the official discussion thread for "The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood Soundtrack Now Available"

Enjoy the sounds of ESO’s latest Chapter with the official soundtrack for The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood.

29 Jun

Hey all, just an update for this real quick. We were able to fix the content of the boxes with a hotfix, however, the boxes counting towards the achievement will not get a fix before the end of the event. This achievement will still be available for future Midyear Mayhems for those of you who need it. Thank you again for your patience here.

25 Jun


[*]The old box is still dropping.
[*]The new box does not advance the achievement; only the old box does.

Hey all, just wanted to confirm we are aware of these issues and working on a fix.

@ZOS_SarahHecker hey what about Second Legion outfit style ??

they still droppind from IC bosses or will be in Bag of Veteran's Glory ?

nothin in the description of the event about them

They come from the grab bags but no longer drop from bosses.

22 Jun


This is the official discussion thread for "World Plays ESO Is Live! Check Out Our First Wave of Participants"

The World Plays ESO global celebration begins today! Check out the schedule and profiles for the first two weeks of fun!

21 Jun

Hey all, just wanted to drop in here real quick. While ESO does not currently allow sharing trophies from PS4 to PS5, we have read all of the comments and concerns in this thread. We are looking into alternatives for this feature and will let you know if we are able to do an import of trophies in the future. Thank you for your feedback!