02 May

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Creative levels. Custom mayhem.

Season 4: Creative Construction is out on 10th May, adding Fall Guys Creative, an in-game level editor that lets you build custom Rounds. Builder Beans can turn our iconic obstacles into chaotic courses and then share them with the community. And in the spirit of sharing, here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming update…

Grab your toolbelt and we'll see you in the Blunderdome for Creative Construction on May 10th!

19 Jan

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It’s Lunar New Year, and we’d love you to celebrate in the Blunderdome. We’re here to wish you longevity, peace, and prosperity with the Red Envelope Rally Event, an in-game event running from 10AM GMT on 19th January to 10AM GMT on 6th February, 2023, where players can unlock year of the Rabbit themed goodies!

Complete the Red Envelope Rally Challenges (in its own Challenge tab), gather red envelopes and unlock some Lunar loveliness! You’ll definitely feel prosperous with these rewards:
  • Year of the Rabbit Nameplate
  • Rabbit Whiskers Pattern
  • Antique Coin Lower Wearable
  • Golden Coin Belt Lower Wearable

Let’s make 2023 the best year we can. See you in the Blunderdome!

06 Jan

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Group huggggg! Better Together is a celebration of duos, squads, and togetherness. We love seeing Beans being best buds, and taking on the Blunderdome with friends will earn you a pile of rainbow-hued rewards. Available to play from 10AM GMT on 5th January - 10AM GMT on 19th January, 2023!

The friendship fueled Squads and Duos Show and Pixel Palooza are where you’ll find Better Together’s challenges. Help one another for the chance to grab a spectrum of unlocks, including a rainbow-themed cape and shoes, and a heart-shaped Pattern. Here’s everything up for grabs.

  • Multi-Flavour Bean Nickname - 100 Points
  • Multi-Flavoured Bean Nameplate - 200 Points
  • 200 Kudos - 300 Points
  • Colourful Kicks Lower Costume - 400 Points
  • Mult...
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22 Nov

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The Blunderdome Construction Crew invites you all to dive deep into the wrecked ruins of the Blunderdome in the quest for the Crown. Welcome to Fall Guys Season 3: Sunken Secrets!

Sunken Secrets brings players to explore a lost city under the sea! You can check out our release blog for a detailed look at the new content and features. Otherwise, here’s the Release Notes straight from the Blunderdome Construction Crew[].

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27 Oct

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Our beans do love a theme and this month brings Falloween to the Blunderdome. Immerse yourself in the spooktacular vibes with an adorably eerie Event, and an array of bean-chilling Costumes—whether you go full Ghostbusters or for a more homemade look, we're sure you'll be frightfully fabulous.

Jump into Treat Thieves this Falloween! With all of your favourite game mechanics from the Sweet Thieves Round, but with some eye-catching mementos.

Ready to get your spook on? You’ll be able to unlock the following spooktacular rewards:

  • Treat Thief Nickname - 200 Points
  • 200 Kudos - 300 Points
  • ...
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22 Sep

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The world’s most popular virtual singer is taking the Blunderdome by synthesised storm, so come together in glorious digital harmony and siiiiiiing.

Whether you’re into playing Main Shows, Solos, Duos—you’ll be participating in our Hatsune Miku event—unlocking event Rewards by grabbing Glow Sticks and Spring Onions for the full Miku experience! Here’s what is up for grabs:

  1. Miku #1 Fan Nickname - 100 Points
  2. 200 Kudos - 200 Points
  3. Miku #1 Fan Nameplate - 500 Points
  4. Sound of the Future Pattern - 700 Points
  5. Miku #1 Fan Upper Costume - 1000 Points


12 Sep

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Oh you beans are out of this WORLD—you only went and did it!

Congratulations on fixing the satellite! Unless you couldn’t tell, we considered Season 1: Free for All a Jupiter-size success, and we cannot WAIT to share what’s in store for you in Season 2... Satellite Scramble is launching on September 15th!

Our new season sees the residents of the Blunderdome leaving the relative safety of their planet for the first time, with their hearts hungry for adventure. Go galactic and explore orbiting obstacles, cosmic courses, and all the enigmas space has to offer. New frontiers also means stellar new Costumes and plenty of new Challenges for our stumbling stars.

Keen beans will also find n... Read more

11 Aug

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Sonic’s Adventure comes to Fall Guys FAST: on August 11th - 15th!

Running (at blisteringly quick speed) until August 15th, this five day event is one of the best we’ve ever had in the Blunderdome. And it comes with a brand new level, called Bean Hill Zone.

We’ve also got brand new costumes, challenges and Rings - for all you fans of the iconic blue hedgehog. Want to dress your Bean as Knuckles? We got that.

For our main event, players need to score points by picking up rings. It’ll be muscle memory to all you Sonic heads who cut your teeth on the SEGA Genesis.

The aim of each round is to snag as many rings as possible, qualifying for the next round. Those who don’t, get eliminated. There are conveyor belts and log bridges to throw you off your A-game, obviousl... Read more

12 Jul

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You have GOT to be kitten me… Pusheen® is coming to Fall Guys! Perhaps the cutest outfits we’ve ever had in the Blunderdome. It’s Pusheen® and Super Pusheenicorn™! Those sweet little faces! Those whiskers! Just look at them!!!

They’re the purr-fect wardrobe attire. And they’ll make you a formidable opponent on the obstacle course.

Finally, bean meets toe-beans, it was meant to be!
  • Pusheen® - 800 Show-Bucks
  • Super Pusheenicorn™ - 800 Show-Bucks

As well as the hysterically cute Pusheen® costumes you can get your paws ... Read more

07 Jul

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Don’t worry, you didn’t mis-read the title of this… It’s true, the iconic Eivor and Odin are coming to Fall Guys! Along with the iconic Ezio and so many incredible event rewards, store items and Season Pass unlockables!

We never saw it coming! Sweet Thieves has sneakily snuck its way back into Fall Guys. The rules remain the same. The Guardians defend their precious candy, while the Thieves attempt to rob their confectionery treasures without being seen!

The stakes have truly never been lower. But there’s good news. The best news. There’s still no such thing as insta-fail stealth missions in the Blunderdome.

Complete... Read more

30 Jun

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Spartan Showdown is now available to play!

There are events. And then there are EVENTS.

We at Bean HQ are absolutely buzzing to announce that we have a certain Spartan themed - wink wink – event coming to Fall Guys… Yes, that’s right, the hero of video gaming heroes – MASTER CHIEF – will be spartan sprinting his way to the Blunderdome very soon!

Our all new event, Spartan Showdown, comes absolutely packed full of new challenges and Bean-117 themed costumes that’ll raise your wardrobe level to legendary. There’s more fun than you could shake an energy sword at!

We’re going all out with the store items on this collaboration... Read more

20 Jun

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Hey beans!

Are you ready for Fall Guys: Free for All? Our huge new update is just a few hours away and we can’t wait for you to dive in!

With all the excitement building, we wanted to just take a moment to address the future of Fall Guys on Steam.

For everyone that already owns the game, rest assured that you will continue to receive full support and all the tasty updates that land on other platforms, including crossplay and cross-progression support.

However, please note that after 1:00am EST on June 21, new players will be unable to purchase and download Fall Guys on Steam, and the product page will no longer show on the storefront.

If you already own the game and want to find information, discussion boards and support, please follow the links from the Fall Guys listing in your game... Read more

22 Apr

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Wow... We're 60% off right now?

I hope my boss doesn't hear about this...

You might wanna act fast, I think my manager is onto me... Don't tell 'em I sent you!

See you in the Blunderdome!

04 Apr

    moms on Steam - Thread - Direct
A bespectacled Fall Guy has taken over our Twitter!

For the first time, we’ve received direct communication from one of the Blunderdome's busiest ‘Showrunners’. Rumour has it that a huge announcement is on the horizon… and they need your help to broadcast it!

Ah, the Official Fall Guys Twitter: source of some of the finest Bean-Memes this side of the galaxy.

We here at Mediatonic HQ are used to offbrand antics and sometimes shocking spontaneity on that channel, but what’s happening now is a little… different.

It seems the greyest of the Blunderdome's mysterious Showrunners Silent has somehow hacked into our Twitter account in order to send some messages to you all.

Naturally, our first thought was to try and regain control of the channel, but after exchanging a few DMs we’ve come to an agreement with Silent: they have... Read more

01 Apr

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?????? woo






31 Mar

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We’ve released an update! Here are the biggest changes:

🐋 We’ve granted you all the Fabulous Finback costume. We caught them running wild in the game’s code, and have given them a home in your inventory where they will be unable to cause further havoc. (Thanks for sticking with us even through turbulent times!)

🍬 Sweet Thieves has been added to Custom Lobbies!

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 New rounds in squads! We’ve added Hoopsie Legends, Ski Fall and Bubble Trouble to Squads, Trios and Duos!

Fixes and improvements
🔧 Improvements to jumps being eaten on levels such as Hex-a-gone and Roll Off

🔧 Improvements to Round Selection in Custom Lobbies ‘Main Show’

We have also seen numerous reports of users being Inactive or AFK in Sweet Thieves. We are investigating this as a priority improvement... Read more

20 Mar

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Last week we gave you Finals Marathon and Tip Toe Tournament and saw just how many of you are incredible at tackling some of our most difficult obstacles... Well challenge accepted!

Slime Climb Time will be available to play from 20th - 22nd March!

pssp, don't let anyone know you heard this from me but... you can beat the level by just not falling in the pink slime.

Jump Around will be available to play from 23rd - 25th March!

Jump around, jump around,
Jump up, jump up,
and fall down

See you in the blunderdome!

15 Mar

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So it shall be written, so it shall be done...
We've been treating you to double fame for the past few weeks. It sure has been sweet, huh? But alas, all good things must come to an end.

If, like us, you are still grinding the Fame Path for Jin, The Ghost, or the coveted Everybody Falls emote, then it's a good idea to get some extra Ws under your belt before we end the bonus period.

Finals Marathon is on too by the way so... yeah, EZ crowns, EZ fame!

See you in the Blunderdome!

08 Mar

    moms on Steam - Thread - Direct
Astro has hopped, jumped and bounced to platforming victory before, but have you ever seen the cute lil’ fella stumble into the Blunderdome Hall of Fame?

Now’s your chance with our latest unlockable costume goodies!

To earn all the unlocks below, all you have to do is complete the challenges in our brand new game mode, Sweet Thieves!

  • ‘Astro’ Pattern - 100 Points
  • ‘Astro’ Nameplate - 200 Points
  • ‘Astro’ Lower Costume - 400 Points
  • ‘Astro’ Nickname - 600 Points
  • 'Astro’ Upper Costume - 800 Points
  • ‘Astro’s Wave’ Emote - 1000 Points

... Read more

04 Mar

    moms on Steam - Thread - Direct
Looks like we're 60% off right now?

That can't be right. That's a steal. Daylight robbery. Criminal.

It seems that all of our DLC is also currently discounted too? What a day. Please do not take advantage of this, for it is surely a mistake.

Just kidding. It isn't. Enjoy the sale!

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