26 Sep

It’s time to siege the day and finish the fight as Rainbow Six Siege introduces a new Halo crossover featuring an Elite set for Sledge that outfits him in the armor of the Master Chief. Included in the set are the Spartan-117 headgear and uniform inspired by the Master Chief’s armor in Halo Infinite, as well as a gadget skin that reimagines Sledge’s breaching hammer as a Banished Gravity Hammer. There are weapon skins for Sledge’s primary (M590A1 shotgun and L825A2 assault rifle) and secondary (P226 MK25 pistol) weapons, as well as Operator cards, a victory celebration, and the Cortana Chibi charm. The Elite set can be purchased with R6 credits and is available now in the in-game store.

30 Aug

Operation Heavy Mettle amps up the anticipation with new Attacker Ram and her BU-GI Auto-Breacher gadget. With an automated tank, Ram can take on the competition by destroying walls, floors, and other elements to offer new vantage points. One tank can shake up players’ strategies by destroying their gadgets and any soft surfaces in its path and Ram has four of them!

Game modes receive several updates this season, including a Quick Match rework, a redesign of Unranked (now called Standard), and a brand-new Arcade game mode. Quick Match is faster than ever, with reduced round timers, objective locations automatically revealed, and bomb sites come set up with reinforcements to let Defenders focus on strategic defenses, a welcome fast-paced environment for both new and experienced players. For Attackers, a 10-second invulnerability at the start of Action Phase will prevent spawn peeking, giving them time to approach the building. The redesigned Standard playlist offers the... Read more

15 Jun

For decades Team Rainbow has been the shield against the worst global threats. Now they face the greatest terror yet: a mutating alien parasite known as the Archæans.

It’s now time for you and your teammates to breach into the alien containment zone and face this new threat head-on in Rainbow Six Extraction releasing ON SALE from today June 15th to June 23rd.

Rainbow Six Extraction Standard Edition includes the Base Game and the Buddy Pass.
The Deluxe Edition includes the Base Game the Buddy Pass as well as 3 Epic gear sets and XP boosters to amp up your game as you play alone or with friends.

No matter which edition you pick up you’ll get extra benefits in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Siege Players Benefit Even More

Rainbow Six Extraction stars 20 Operators recruited from the ranks of ... Read more

06 Jun

Dark clouds gather over the horizon and danger springs from every shadow. From May 30th to August 28th, Rainbow Six Siege unleashes Operation Dread Factor to light the way. To aid during these troubled times, new Operator Fenrir arrives to bolster the ranks. Hailing from Sweden, Fenrir brings a cool head and a calculating approach to battlefield tactics. Deploying Fenrir’s F-NATT Dread Mine causes vision-restricting fear to those who blunder into it.

Navigate the multiple paths of our Battle Pass and collect up to 100 rewards. Play matches, earn tokens, and reach for the rewards you desire in the order you want! Acquire marvelous items, such as Viking-themed sets for Fenrir and Ace, a must-see Punk-style set for Nøkk and the delicate Porcelain set for Kali, among many others. To top it off, do not miss out this season’s signature weapon skin, Fable Shapings, and the Vicious Little Nightmare drone skin!

For those wishing to start the season in style, ahead of th... Read more

25 May

The operators of Team Rainbow now face a lethal, mutating alien invasion.

In Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Extraction, Rainbow Six Siege
players will find familiar operators, gadgets and mechanics, yet all reworked to match Extraction’s unique PVE gameplay.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Extraction builds on the unique tactical first-person shooter elements of the hugely popular to bring an epic one to three–player co-operative PvE experience to players, where teamwork, tactics, and flawless execution are key to survival.

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12 May

Operation Dread Factor is coming to Rainbow Six Siege, bringing a new Operator, Fenrir, a complete map rework of Consulate, new Shooting Range modes, Permanent Arcade, and more! Tune-in to the full reveal panel LIVE and get all the details Sunday, May 14 at 11:30AM PT / 8:30 PM CET.