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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Operation Heavy Mettle amps up the anticipation with new Attacker Ram and her BU-GI Auto-Breacher gadget. With an automated tank, Ram can take on the competition by destroying walls, floors, and other elements to offer new vantage points. One tank can shake up players’ strategies by destroying their gadgets and any soft surfaces in its path and Ram has four of them!

Game modes receive several updates this season, including a Quick Match rework, a redesign of Unranked (now called Standard), and a brand-new Arcade game mode. Quick Match is faster than ever, with reduced round timers, objective locations automatically revealed, and bomb sites come set up with reinforcements to let Defenders focus on strategic defenses, a welcome fast-paced environment for both new and experienced players. For Attackers, a 10-second invulnerability at the start of Action Phase will prevent spawn peeking, giving them time to approach the building. The redesigned Standard playlist offers the core Siege experience without Operator or map ban phases and will offer another option for players besides the competitive Ranked mode. Also being introduced is Weapons Roulette, an all-new fast action game mode coming to Arcade playlist, which lets all players start with the same weapon that automatically swaps to a new one after a set amount of time.

The Heavy Mettle Premium Battle Pass will run from August 29 to November 27, 2023 and cost 1200 R6 credits. Play matches, earn tokens, and get 100 rewards you want when you want them! Unlock the new Operator, Ram, instantly, plus a ton of exclusive items including 18 Bravo packs, a Bravo token, 600 R6 credits back, a neon-themed 3D set for Bandit, a historical South Korean set for Vigil, the elegant Intricate Lacquerware drone skin, a vividly colored ramen-themed Signature skin! Once you complete the Battle Pass, you can earn a Bravo Pack ticket that will enable you to choose a unique reward from the Bravo Pack Collection. Need R6 credits for the Battle Pass? Pick up the best deal on credits with the 2670 Premier Pack that includes 2670 R6 credits, an exclusive Finka set, and renown booster for the same price as a regular 2670 R6 credit pack.

For more information, visit https://rainbow6.com/battlepass

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