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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Vampires, rise up!

We're delighted to partner with {LINK REMOVED}Kid Katana Records to bring you the exclusive V Rising vinyl! Be transported to Vardoran by the original V Rising music by {LINK REMOVED}Aleksandria Migova!

This physical copy features:

  • A high-end double Vinyl
  • Marbled black and transparent red vinyls
  • Exclusive doublesided art work poster with Keyart + exclusive art

  • A1. Main theme
  • A2. The Castle
  • A3. Clash of Faiths
  • A4. Darkness and Light

  • B1. Dawn Comes
  • B2. Farbane Nights
  • B3. Song of Dunley
  • B4. Moonlight in the Countryside

  • C1. Dystopian Sonata
  • C2. Whispers of the Wasteland
  • C3. Tales from the Cursed Forest Part I
  • C4. We Hunt

  • D1. Hallowed Mountains
  • D2. Kiss of Frost
  • D3. Beneath Shrouded Skies
  • D4. Dracula's Theme

The OST is available digitally as well on {LINK REMOVED}all streaming and download platforms.

{LINK REMOVED}Pre order your copy today!