04 Sep


Hello, Vampires!

We’re slipping out of the crypts to undo a little chaos and squash a couple of annoying bugs. Pay no mind to the vermin as we sweep them up, and continue enjoying your undead days a little bit more pest-free than the days before.

This hotfix, set to be launched shortly, contains the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug where Sword Shockwave ability could cause a vampire to go up to the second floor of a castle.
  • Fixed a bug where a vampire that was dead could be downed again, causing the vampire to be downed when respawning and suffering the death effects twice.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to use servants to fully repair equipable items.
  • Added a setting to dedicated servers to hide their public IP address: HideIPAddress. When it is set to tr...
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30 Jun

After much demand, we've made our swag internationally available!
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29 Jun


Greetings, creatures of the night!

Below we’ve outlined a few changes coming to Vardoran with some general fixes, optimizations, and a few console commands that may be useful for server administrators and photographers alike!

This hotfix, set to be launched shortly, contains the following changes:

General Fixes
The “FAQ” and “Bug Report” buttons got worn down due to your diligent bug reporting, so we updated them with new and shiny buttons.

  • Banners hanging from pillars are now correctly updating their colors when using the dye wheel.
  • Fixed an issue where blood hunger did not always activate/deactivate correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where items dropped on castle stairs could end up floating at the wrong height.
  • Fixed an issue where official servers would sometime...
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20 Jun


Greetings, Vampires.

As you may be aware, it’s been a busy time for us in the dark crypts at Stunlock Studios! Unfortunately, here in Sweden, the sun never sets this time of year. Fortunately, that’s given us a very good reason to stay inside and focus on working out all the bugs that have been plaguing us over the past month!

Live reenactment.

Soon we’ll return to our usual tricks, cauldrons bubbling and coffins rattling as we craft new and wonderful horrors for you to explore. Before that, though, we thought it would be nice to check in with our favorite swarm of deadly undead.

Thank you all!
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15 Jun


Hello, Vampires!

This is a patch to revert a change from the last hotfix that caused more trouble than it solved.

This hotfix, set to be launched shortly, contains the following changes:

  • Reverted a fix that prevented some AoE casts from being able to hit through floors. We will be implementing a more robust fix for this in the future.

We're always grateful for your help in translating the game at

IMPORTANT NOTE! Please report any issues you encounter after this patch here[bugs.p... Read more

14 Jun


Hello, thirsty Vampires!

We’re here to quench that thirst for bug blood by slaughtering some particularly annoying ones! This will be our last major round of bug fixing before we turn our attention to focusing on working our magic on the next big update, but keep on sending those reports in, as we’ll certainly still be taking time to address critical bug fixes as they crop up.

PLEASE BE AWARE. Servers that have not updated to the new patch will be incompatible with new client versions, so if you update your game and your private server has not also updated, you will not be able to play on that server until it does. If you wish to play on a server that has not yet been updated, you can revert your settings to the old patch version with the following method.

To revert your client to the previous patch:
  1. Right-click V ...
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01 Jun


Greetings, Vampires of Vardoran!

We're back with another round of bug bashing! Our focus remains on the most reported bugs on our report board, as well as a plethora of others. If a specific bug fix you've been anticipating isn't included in this update, rest assured! Certain fixes demand a higher degree of scrutiny and exhaustive testing before deployment, and we're working diligently on the remaining ones.

Our impending hotfix, set to be launched soon, contains the following improvements:

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25 May


Hey there, Vampires!

More fixes coming in for highly reported bugs on our report board[], and more! We’re continuing our onslaught of bug slaying, so if you don’t see a fix here for something you’ve been waiting for fear not! Some things we’re fixing require further and more in-depth testing before we release them, and others we’re getting around to as we can.

The hotfix will be going live shortly with the following changes:

  • Fixed issue where inventory actions would get more and more “laggy” over time and rubberbanding would occur after inventory actions. ...
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20 May


Hey there, Vampires!

Another fix coming in for the most upvoted issue on our bug report board! We wanted to get this out as soon as possible, so it’s just the one this time.

The hotfix will be going live shortly with the following changes:

  • Patching a fix to a UI issue that prevented players from being able to interact with inventory and menus, which is referenced here.[]

REMINDER! You can report any issues after the patch here... Read more

19 May


Hey there, Vampires!

Another fix coming in for the most upvoted issue on our bug report board! We wanted to get this out as soon as possible, so it’s just the one this time.

The hotfix will be going live on May 19th, 2023, at 16:30 UTC with the following changes:

  • Fixed an issue where private servers (servers hosted from inside the game client) could freeze while auto-saving if running on a computer with 4 or fewer logical cores. This issue was made worse when using the "CompressSaveFiles" ServerHostSetting. The result would be that the client would get Connection Issues while the server was saving and then rubberband back once the autosave was completed. After this fix the save file compression will not cause these issues so feel free to enable it again.

REMINDER! You can report any issues... Read more

18 May


Hello, Vampires!

We’re working our magic, carving away at some of the common technical issues affecting some of your fellow Vampires.

The hotfix will be going live over the course of two patches on May 18th, 2023, at 16:30 UTC for the game client, and on May 19th, 2023, at 8:00 UTC for client-side changes.

This hotfix will contain the following changes:

  • A save corruption fix when exiting/crashing while loading a server for the first time. This fixes the issue where players are unable to get out of the crypt/graveyard as well as other potential issues with incomplete worlds.
  • This fix will not be able to salvage old saves that were corrupted in this way but will prevent this issue from happening to any future saves.
  • Fixed CastlePvP times not being able to be set to 0...
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17 May


IT’S ALIVE! The first major content update for V Rising, Secrets of Gloomrot, is available to play RIGHT NOW!

BUILD bigger and better than ever before! Multi-level castles give you new and here-to-for unequaled freedom in creating the Vampire lair of your dreams in our dark fantasy open world. Build a rock-solid war stronghold, a sprawling citadel of towers, or a gorgeous mansion!

HUNT more powerful and diverse enemies than ever, with a wide array of new weapons of war. Unload black-powder death with the dual pistols, play the executioner with the hulking greatsword, and command thunder and lightning. Modify your spells with the new jewels.

So RISE from your coffins, Vampires! Gather your clan and delve into the poisoned valleys and thunder-scarred peaks of Gloomrot!
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10 May


Glorious children of the night!

Behold new footage of the coming update, just one week away on May the 17th. For those of you who have missed it, here's a quick catch-up on some of the features you can expect to revamp your blood-sucking experience.

With this update comes multi-level castles, the new territory system, and sweeping improvements to building and decorating your lair! Finally, you have the tools to make a mighty citadel worthy of your power.

Vardoran has been reimagined! From beautiful new vistas that house terrifying and mystifying new threats to the cursed, choking mist that completely warps the Cursed Forest experience, you can discover the human-infested lands as ... Read more

09 May


In preparation for Update #1: Secrets of Gloomrot, there is going to be server reorganization and maintenance taking place over the weekend leading up to the patch.

Servers will be CLOSED starting at 12 UTC on Friday, May 12, and will remain down until they come back up on May 17 fully reset and ready for you to explore Gloomrot.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Player-run servers will not be affected by this downtime.

Save Resets in the New Update
We'd like to take this time to remind you that with the new patch, players will have to play on a new save if they want to experience the content of the new patch, and all Official servers will be resetting and reconfiguring to new settings for the coming update.

If you wish to play on your old save with the old patch, there will be a Steam bra... Read more

27 Apr


Well, hello there, my people of the night. It’s time for yet another update from the crypts at Stunlock Studios, and this night we uncover the toxic sludge-soaked lands of Gloomrot. Having gotten a little taste of what’s to come in our feature-rich website preview, let’s take this time to get to know our new neighbors from the artistic vision of some of the team that was able to bring them to life.

But first, a sneak peek at some juicy Gloomrot gameplay:

Gloomrot: For the Love of Knowledge
Gloomrot is a biome themed around science gone mad, the old and familiar ideas of unchecked ambition and arrogance in the face of the natural order. The group responsible for organizi... Read more

26 Apr


Delve Into the Realm of the Brilliantly Insane
A little taste of what is to come this May 17th, when V Rising will be updating with its first major content patch. Leap into battle upon your vampiric steed to cut down your foes. Travel new lands harrowed by experiments and pollution. Face new foes with new tools at your disposal. Seize the power of lightning, and meet science with Vampire sword and sorcery when you tangle with the master of Gloomrot, Doctor Henry Blackbrew.

... Read more

13 Apr


On May 17th delve into Gloomrot, a land twisted by the tortured ambitions of a scientific genius and his legion of followers. Obsessed with the pursuit of evolution and progress above all other things, these exiles from the holy lands harness the terrible electrical storms of their highlands to produce brilliant machinery, dumping off the byproducts into their winding valleys until they’re warped by pollution.

Get a taste of what awaits you in V Rising’s first major update wit... Read more

09 Mar


Welcome, night kin, to another Dev Update.

Tonight we will discuss some details of the highly anticipated multi-floor castle improvements coming to V Rising in our first major content update, set for May. However, before we get into all of the new stuff, we’d like to ensure we’re all on the same page about the upcoming free expansion of the game and what you should expect.

Let’s have a look at what’s coming!

Update #1: Secrets of Gloomrot

The official name for our first content update and the new places to explore!

Enter Gloomrot, a land of equal parts filth, ambition, brilliance, and madness! Navigate polluted valleys and lightning-s... Read more

08 Mar


Enter Gloomrot...

...a land of equal parts filth, ambition, brilliance, and madness! Navigate polluted valleys and lightning-scorched highlands to face the uncontrollable horrors of The Trancendum’s mutated experiments alongside the mechanical wonders born of their twisted imaginations. Suck the blood of the brilliantly insane to gain their knowledge and enter a new age of technology.

This new biome will be almost the same size as Dunley Farmlands and is divided into two unique sections, Gloomrot South and Gloomrot North. Each area will bring a new wave of challenges, technologies, and enemies, both great and small, with plenty of space to stretch out and s... Read more

09 Feb


A ravishing new year to you all, my Vampires! It is our first check-in for the new spin around our most feared enemy, the Sun, and an ideal time to discuss our plans for the coming year. We at Stunlock Studios have been spending the most enjoyable endless Swedish nights preparing for the coming year, and what a year it will be.

Tonight, on this most thirsty of nights, we will share with you our visions of the future. We will unveil a massive overhaul to spellcasting and magic progression, as well as a few other things we’re experimenting with.

Be sure to check towards the bottom of the blog, where we discuss an experimental feature we’re working on. We want to know what you think about it, and this is another opportunity to directly affect the development of V Rising, so please give us your feedback in the survey to... Read more

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