09 Mar


Welcome, night kin, to another Dev Update.

Tonight we will discuss some details of the highly anticipated multi-floor castle improvements coming to V Rising in our first major content update, set for May. However, before we get into all of the new stuff, we’d like to ensure we’re all on the same page about the upcoming free expansion of the game and what you should expect.

Let’s have a look at what’s coming!

Update #1: Secrets of Gloomrot

The official name for our first content update and the new places to explore!

Enter Gloomrot, a land of equal parts filth, ambition, brilliance, and madness! Navigate polluted valleys and lightning-s... Read more

08 Mar


Enter Gloomrot...

...a land of equal parts filth, ambition, brilliance, and madness! Navigate polluted valleys and lightning-scorched highlands to face the uncontrollable horrors of The Trancendum’s mutated experiments alongside the mechanical wonders born of their twisted imaginations. Suck the blood of the brilliantly insane to gain their knowledge and enter a new age of technology.

This new biome will be almost the same size as Dunley Farmlands and is divided into two unique sections, Gloomrot South and Gloomrot North. Each area will bring a new wave of challenges, technologies, and enemies, both great and small, with plenty of space to stretch out and s... Read more

09 Feb


A ravishing new year to you all, my Vampires! It is our first check-in for the new spin around our most feared enemy, the Sun, and an ideal time to discuss our plans for the coming year. We at Stunlock Studios have been spending the most enjoyable endless Swedish nights preparing for the coming year, and what a year it will be.

Tonight, on this most thirsty of nights, we will share with you our visions of the future. We will unveil a massive overhaul to spellcasting and magic progression, as well as a few other things we’re experimenting with.

Be sure to check towards the bottom of the blog, where we discuss an experimental feature we’re working on. We want to know what you think about it, and this is another opportunity to directly affect the development of V Rising, so please give us your feedback in the survey toward... Read more

26 Jan


Hey there, Vampires!

While we’re carving away at our projects for the Free Expansion later this year, we’ve decided to take the knife to a few bugs that we’ve been getting some complaints about on the live build. No longer will these pesky bugs and unintended interactions darken your doorstep.

We hope that this makes your Vampire journey a bit more to your liking and that you look forward to our new upcoming dev blog just around the corner, where we’ll be diving into some of the juicy details of what you’ll be sinking your fangs into later this year!

The hotfix will be going live on January 26th, 2023, at 11:30 UTC with the following changes:

  • Fixed an issue where using a dash spell sometimes caused unintended behavior, lengthening the movement and significantly lowering the cooldown....
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08 Dec


Welcome, Vampires, to another peek inside the Stunlock Studios crypts! Today we drag to light a bit of what we’re working on and give you a taste of some of the patchwork creations we’re assembling for our first big content update, a free expansion that will be released in 2023. No date has been set, and we still have many months of work as some of these features require major re-works. We know your hunger for new blood and content is strong, and we want to thank everyone for being patient and believing in us. Your trust in V Rising will be well rewarded! Further down, we get into some game design talk, directly addressing some community suggestions we’ve observed over the Early Access so far.

Experiments and Creations
Keep in mind these are only going to be some of what we’re working on, not everything! Also, know th... Read more

31 Oct


We will be patching V Rising today at 13:00 CEST / 11:00 UTC.

The following improvements will be added to V Rising with this patch:

  • Fixed a bug where the Fallen Angel would become inactive during the Solarus encounter.

REMINDER! You can report any issues after the patch here[]. Please include the patch number in the title so we can easily identify it.

ADDITIONAL REMINDER! Make sure to make backups of your server saves regularly!
... Read more

24 Oct


We will be patching V Rising today at 10:00 CEST / 8:00 UTC.

The following improvements will be added to V Rising with this patch:

  • The Servant Resurrection timer has been increased to 10 minutes from 15 seconds (Primarily to tackle PvP scenarios where the short resurrection timer could be abused).
  • We have rebalanced how Siege Golem health is calculated and have updated the Siege Golem health settings. By default, Siege Golems will have 250% more health (represented as shield value) than before. The Golem's health also scales based on the player's current health to a minimum of 50% of the total health (should the player transforming have less than 50% health, the golem’s shield value will be reduced accordingly).
  • The default time-slot setting for when PvP r...
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20 Oct


The Bloodfeast is coming!
The dying seasons are upon us, and with it, we revisit a fond tradition. This time of year, we celebrate the passing of the leaves, the raising of ghouls and spirits, and human desperation to make the most of their last harvests before the winter comes to strangle the life from the land. Now is the time to crash the dwindling hopes of our prey! Bare your fangs, unsheath your blades, and gather every vampire from every corner of the world!

Halloween Free Weekend
Play-For-Free this Halloween! The Bloodfeast is the time of year Vampires most freely engage in their savagery, and it’s not a private party. All creatures of the night are invited! We’re encouraging everyone who has an interest in engaging their bloodsucking desires to join us the weekend of October 28th through November 1st for a... Read more

29 Sep


Welcome to the V Rising Halloween-themed video competition, sponsored by Intel. Can you make a spooky, dark, and mysterious video?

Record and cut together a 15-45 second Halloween-themed short video in the spirit of V Rising. This video could be anything from your take on a haunting V Rising movie trailer, to a creepy horror story set in the Cursed Forest, to a spooky short about trick-or-treating in the world of Vardoran.

The ideal submission is original, evocative, and interesting!

  • Your submission needs to be entered into the Playerstate portal by 23:59 UTC on October 24th, 2022. You will be required to make a profile on Playerstate to enter.
  • Your video can be no longer than 60 seconds in length..
  • Must be submitted in a Q...
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09 Sep


There will be a patch during the week of Monday 19th of September (no date has been set yet) that will help address some of the issues that some server owners have been having with Corrupted Saves. The change is going to involve altering the way that saves are recorded, so these will be incompatible with previous saves.

To prevent the possibility of having an issue with the patch that causes you to irrevocably lose your save, PLEASE CREATE A BACKUP OF YOUR SERVER'S SAVE FILE.

Information on how to back up your file can be found here.[]

10 Aug


We will be patching V Rising today at 11:00 UTC.

  • The following improvements will be added to V Rising with this patch:

  • Fixed an exploit where equipped items (Weapons, Armors, Cloaks) could give stacked attributes when equipped after being retrieved from a servant that had died.

  • Fixed an exploit where items would be duplicated when dismantling a servant's coffin with a servant that has previously died.

  • Fixed an issue where some equipable items (Weapons, Armor, Cloaks) could end up in a broken state and can no longer be equipped or unequipped. Items in this state prior to this patch will automatically be removed as they are in an irreparable state.
We want to thank everyone who reported these issues!

If you experi... Read more

31 May


This patch includes general client optimizations to improve stability and performance, as well as the changes from yesterday’s reverted hotfix. The last hotfix came with a white screen crash issue with some users, but we’ve investigated the issue and it shouldn’t occur any longer. We’ve also included significant additional adjustments.

The patch is expected to go live at 11:15 UTC on Official Servers, and there may be a small amount of downtime.

  • Added ‘Texture Quality’ to the ‘Graphics Options’ menu, which can greatly reduce texture memory usage.

  • Added FPS Limit Option to Advanced Graphics Options.

  • Changed Low-Quality Atmosphere to High-Quality Atmosphere to keep the options menu consistent.

  • Fixed a bug where the antialiasing option co...
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19 May


A small patch is going live today to fix some issues we've been able to work with since launch day has gone live. Most of our focus has been on optimizations to servers to make sure they run smoothly with the tremendous load they've been receiving, but we also managed to slip in a couple of important bug fixes with this one. There could be up to 30 minutes of downtime on official servers and on player-run servers that are set to auto-update.

Patch Notes 0.5.41237
  • General server optimizations to improve server stability and performance.

  • Fixed an issue where the day-night cycle could be de-synced if the server settings were altered.

  • Fixed an issue where explosives could be used to blow up palisades on PvE servers as well as on PvP servers outside of the ...
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17 May

The time has come to rise from your crypts and descend onto Vardoran. At Stunlock Studios, we’re proud to be able to show the fruits of our labors after our longest development cycle, and by far our most ambitious project to date.

V Rising is a gothic fantasy survival action game that focuses on what it is to be a vampire in an unforgiving world, utilizing old familiar combat similar to that of our earlier pvp titles but also exploring a wealth of new ideas. We’ve worked hard to put all of this together into something cohesive and darkly beautiful for you to experience.

This is of course only the beginning. V Rising is just entering Early Access, and while we feel there is much to do in Vardoran already, it’s far from complete. We have a lot of plans moving forward, and we’ll need your help in shaping the future of our game as we work towards an even bigger, even more amazing vampire journey.

So please, join us and take your first steps into Vardoran.

... Read more

28 Apr


Hey vampires! I know you’re all used to us delving into the shadowy mysteries of game development, but today is all about building up. Join us as we lay the foundations for the symbols of any great vampire’s status.

The Castle; Your Home, Your Heart, Your Soul
The idea of the home is vastly prominent in vampire mythology, the epic presence of their manor looming above a sleepy little village. In a genre like survival games that focus on the shelter, it’s a natural fit for a vampire twist on the genre to use the concept of the vampire palace. We get to lean into that fantasy and provide players with all the tools they need to make a home that can be grand, majestic, but also compelling in its function.

... Read more

28 Dec

    SLS_Jeremy on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey Argentum! The world of V Rising won't be randomized, but instead entirely handcrafted. While we're still in development the size of the game is changing all the time, but we have some estimates in this dev blog from back in July! If you're at all interested in the world size and how some of our tech works, give it a read:

01 Oct

    SLS_Jeremy on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by TheGame:
Originally posted by SLS_Jeremy: We aren't currently developing for controller, but we've noticed the interest!

Why wouldn't you? To ignore this game goes.

We're interested in making the game as optimized as possible in its current form on PC before looking at controller options. Controller is a possibility, but it's also a design constraint. It definitely would be nice to make the game more accessible by adapting it for controllers as ... Read more
    SLS_Jeremy on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey Giuseppe!

Our current plans for localization include English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese. This isn't our final list, however, and there may be an Italian translation. I can't confirm it at this time, though, but we're very interested in what you guys are looking for so we can make the game as welcoming as we can manage!

20 Sep

    SLS_Jeremy on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
We aren't currently developing for controller, but we've noticed the interest!