about 1 month ago - SLS_Ruth - Direct link
Dear vampires,

It has come to our attention that some players are experiencing frequent crashes around hotfixes. The reason for these crashes appears to be that specific files are inadvertently removed in the patching process, causing the game to crash when it tries to load an asset that doesn’t exist.

If you are experiencing this issue after a hotfix, please answer the questions below:
  • Were you in-game when the hotfix went live?
  • Are you using any mods?

We will do our best to track down the cause of this issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, this issue can be fixed by verifying the integrity of the game files. This can be done via the following steps:

  1. Right-click V Rising in your library and select Properties
  2. In the Installed Files tab, press the ‘Verify integrity of files’ button
  3. Steam will now ensure no files are missing

Thank you!