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In my opinon you can buy guns dureing the buy phase in valrant. Even thogh Im might not be the smartest person in valrant and also dont have a economics degree, alot of my teamates in rank: iran 2 are probly some of the WORST people at manageing money I have ever seen in my life. To be honest , its not realy a suprise that valrant players arnt afraid to drop $500 dolars on the new skins (That sometimes dont even give you that much aim bot) considereing that dureing a game, there bank acount is ALWAYS empty and they are LIATERALY beging the whole team to buy guns for them every single round.

For some reason, when the whole Team is saveing, we got one guy who always feel the need to put his life saveings into a vandle or even odan with no shield and Then get executed via firing squad in less then 4 seconds into the round. Usualy, I wouldnt complain becuse its a free gun when Im saveing, but for some reason my team mate ALWAYS run down mid with expensive guns and no shield while the enemey team farms there stats like Old Macdonald. Then becuse they got no kills and they always buyeing the same load out, I gota turn off my head phones so they stop Beging the whole team to buy them or to save with them becuse they gambled there valrant saveings away.

Fortunatly, I have a good idea for riot to add into valrant ASAP as possible: Let players take out Loans! This would be a great idea becuse then they would be able to actualy have a gun instead of forceing a spectrum or juge every round.

Here is how loans would work in valrant: If you got someone on your team who cant even aford a clasic pistol, Then you can ofer them a loan for how many dolars you want. Then you can set interest to. For example: so if there is 10% interst each round and you give them 1000$ , then the next round they gota pay you back 388$ + 1000$ = 10388$ next round.

A question you probly have thouggh: How do you expect them to pay you alot of money back when they are so bad with money? Well dont wory becuse if they are unable to pay you back within the amount of time you set then your alowed to seize all of there assets when they declare bankruptcy and you get all of there skins and valrant money as payment!

This is what loans would look like in valrant:


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Yeah I think a haggle system could be cool too. If you are good with managing your money you can set an interest rate and players can press F1 to accept your rate or F2 to haggle with you on a new rate. The bankruptcy and transfer of assets may be too predatory, but maybe if they don't have enough money to pay you back the next round you can ban them from picking up your guns off of the ground and they have to pay a penalty fee on top of the interest they owe you.