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I am not a riot staff, but got to know that the next agent will be controller from Ghana with abilities which affect specific areas of the map, just how you deploy smokes but it will not be smokes this time

UPDATE:My friend said he will be from africa for sure and will probably be frm ghana(not 100% sure) and his smokes are still in expt so abilities are not 100% confirmed as of yet, but he will be a different controller, completely different from omen, brim n viper

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I kinda hope he's a humanoid animal hybrid or something. We've got cypher as a robot, breach as an android hybrid, omen as a demon phantom, and a bunch of homo sapiens. Let's get freaky with it

Cypher's a guy from Morocco he's not a robot LOL

I don't blame yall for thinking this though since he covers up his face and uses a ton of gadgets and such