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Hello guys, did someone else notice that with the new update(6.05) they removed the text saying "HEADSHOT" below the kill banner? Is it just me?

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Hello! The missing HEADSHOT text is not a bug. During our normal clarity pass, we called out that the text is essentially clutter in a space where visual clarity is key (especially in some languages). Not only can you already get this information in the kill feed, but we felt the game already gives you the information in-the-moment without asking you to divert your eyes, even slightly (I know I killed someone and if I want to know if they died by headshot, there are a lot of other ways to know it was a headshot). We're referring to the hit visual FX (or blood FX if you have that on), the unique headshot dink sound, the red X on the kill banner itself, and of course the kill feed. So TL;DR, the headshot moment is already communicated in much better ways in-game, where the Headshot text just felt extra without adding more value.

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