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We already had 3 back to back 2.0s that included the phantom and I think its time for a new 2.0 featuring a vandal. I would love to have a spectrum 2.0 since silent vandals have always done great (prime, rgx, neptune).

Spectrum has a really nice sound effects and it would fit perfectly on a vandal. What do you guys think?

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Originally posted by LeOsQ

I still think that the biggest mistake Riot did with Minima was not releasing it with at least a white variant that you can unlock.

Most people really don't like the skinline as it is, but I'm confident many would've found it much more tolerable with a white version, and I for one would've bought the entire thing if that was something that existed.

I get that it's sort of supposed to be the default skins but just . . minimal (sort of), but it really suffered from being nothing but a blocky version of the base skins in the end. It wasn't good enough for people like me that like minimalistic aesthetics/design, and it's just a downgrade from the base for those that don't.

It wasn't good enough for people like me that like minimalistic aesthetics/design, and it's just a downgrade from the base for those that don't.

As someone who likes minimalistic aesthetics/design, what about Minima do you feel didn't hit the mark or could be improved on (besides the color)?

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Originally posted by LeOsQ

I'm not very good at identifying what I like or don't like about many things, but I'll try to look at them and answer that anyway. Sorry if it isn't very useful or detailed since I'm just going to stare at them and try to think of what isn't to my preference.

The Phantom is pretty cool with me, I don't think I have any major problems with it, but I would like color variants of it.

Something about the Operator just looks . . off to me. I don't really like the 80's(?) square CCTV scope or the weird rectangle next to it (which I believe is supposed to be a replacement for the scope cover flap thing most skins have).

The Spectre I'm not too sure about. On one hand I don't really see anything I'd dislike about it, but I also just don't like it that much either. Once again maybe with color variants it'd be different.

The Sheriff is weird. I kind of like it, and it sort of looks like the gun in Control (the game). At the same time it's somehow maybe too blocky, but the cylinder being . . well, a cylinder clashes with it.

Oh, and one thing that sort of applies to them all is the strange floating circular trigger. It's pretty funky and I kind of think it's neat, but at the same time it's just weird, especially with how rectangular and angled all of the weapons are otherwise.

It'd kind of clash with the skinline's point in general but I'm sure if they had even basic, unique effects when firing (and maybe reloading?), they'd also be more popular. I'm aware not having those is kind of the point of 'cheaper' skinlines, but I do think something like that would've helped if it was one that fit the aesthetic well without compromising the concept.

I appreciate your time in checking them out and replying with your thoughts! I know not every skin hits the mark with everyone, but we try our best. Hearing from players on what they specifically do/don't like really helps us understand what players are looking for and how we can improve in the future.

Thanks for your time! :)