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But seriously. I started my first half of my game with 16 kills, somewhere in the second half I started feeling really unwell due to a developing migraine and kept missing shots. Of course it was ranked so my anxiety tripled because you know…people are absolutely hateful often. 🥲 Anyway, there were two random teammates who still took the time to say ‘nice try’ despite my poor performance and it kept me trying and optimistic. I gave it my best, we still won and parted ways.

I want to thank those people and all of the ones who take the time to say it, even if you make a stupid mistake or absolutely suck sometimes. If I see someone genuinely trying and doing their best, it’s a nice try to me. Putting pressure and negativity onto your teammates at every wrong click only makes them more nervous and perform worse. There is a human being on the other side of the screen, which is often forgotten. It gets me when people make a tiny mistake and immediately start apologizing; like please I promise it’s okay, it’s just a game. I consider us a unit during those moments, I’ll always cheer you on 💜

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Agreed! It helps keep the vibe of the game positive. :) I always appreciate when I see players typing that, from either team. Like we can still be competitive in this game and be chill with one another. In a team of 5, there is always going to be a top/bottom frag and that person can be you, so lets just do our best and have fun.

For those players that type 'nt' or any positive message, especially after a tough sweaty round, thanks for contributing to the community. <3