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Not just you. Most streamers who bought this pack have significant FPS drops too.

Shahzam: https://twitter.com/ShahZaMk/status/1445884295940349954

Tarik: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1169496642?t=00h57m56s

Really hoping that Riot will acknowledge the drops and clarify if they will fix it. I want to buy the skin but not if it hurts my frames.

Hi! We're aware of this report. We've been looking into this since Wednesday night Pacific Time (a few hours after the skin went live in the store). Yes, we tested this for performance before it shipped, but we missed this. Sorry about that - I hope you trust that we'll try to fix it.

Right now, we're doing some investigation into the full severity of it and will determine if we hotfix this or push an update in the next patch. We'll make sure we communicate what we decide to do. I'll post an update here at the very least.

Edit: We just pushed a fix to the live game! Thanks for trusting us to fix this, everyone! https://twitter.com/PlayVALORANT/status/1447724607473995779?s=20

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Originally posted by Whale_Poacher

Awesome of you to respond late at night as a manager of the premium content team! Nice to know yall are on top of it after a release. Praying for a hot fix rather than the two weeks for the next patch 😬

Honestly, I can't sleep when stuff goes wrong. :( Feel too bad.

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Originally posted by lohit245

for now it does.. but riot will probably fix it pretty soon

Thank you for believing in us and trusting us to fix. <3

Also, I may be wrong here since we're still investigating, but the knife seems fine (don't quote me or trust me yet because, like I said, we're still investigating). It's the guns showing the issue.

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Originally posted by Whale_Poacher

Understandable, this game’s your baby! As a side note, your resume is fascinating and I have so much respect for you as a current prospective law school student and future lsat test taker. I aspire to do similar things to you and feel incredibly encouraged by your dedication and willingness to take risks in different fields. I’m about to dive into your research paper sociological aspects of video gaming, i studied sociology and finance in college so this is right up my alley!

Did not expect a response like this! You just summarized my last 15 years of work/education in a few sentences.

Do you want to be in games or be a lawyer? I ask this because as much as I'm sitting here thinking about this skin issue, it's 1000000x better than the best day I had working in law. That's no hate on law, btw. I just love working in games.

Also, I'm flattered you want to check out my paper! It's what inspired me to leave law and pursue a career in games. I hope you pursue whatever you're most passionate about because the only person who has to live your life is you, so do what makes you happiest!

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Originally posted by Whale_Poacher

First off, I’m exited as hell to have a conversation with a riot employee, no less one with an ivy JD and a creator of my all time favorite game (high praise, I’ve no-lifed a lot of competitive games since I was a kid. I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was young and I find myself attracted to the ability to have a meaningful impact on others through use of legal knowledge and the ability to interpret things that most others may not have the ability to do so or the desire to do so.

I do strongly feel that I need to figure out better which field I want to go into after attaining my JD, but definitely not criminal, family, or immigration law which I have experience working in. Corporate or financial law, ip, something in the tech, maritime, or even something as far out as pharmaceutical law are appealing to me.

As I write this though it feels like utter mouth garbage in comparison to the possibilities of a career at riot games on the valorant team (which I have also looked into, but lack any clear CS/engineering skills to pursue). The lsat is my hurdle at the moment and law school would be paid for w/o student debt. I injured my back (herniated disc in tailbone) with no clear timeline of recovery while I was in school which derailed me from law school and forced me to take things slower and subsequently led me back into competitive video games in my free time from work. I’m several years out of college with two degrees, but no where near where I know that I could be with two undergrad degrees and making min wage.

Edit: sorry for the edits, i’m on mobile in bed making it hard to put together paragraphs.

I don't think I've met anyone who cared about both my JD and my experience on VALORANT. It's one or the other or neither. It's an odd collision of two very different worlds that don't really understand each other.

It is such high praise that VALORANT is your favorite game! As someone who's been gaming since I was 5 years old, games have always been so special to me. I can't even explain it, but I know you understand. That's why I am obsessed with wanting this game to be the best it can be because I truly believe that the FPS community deserves this game in its best form. This is our love letter to all of you.

You sound genuinely passionate about helping others through law, which is awesome. I hope you can figure out which kind of law is best for you and whether you wanna go private, public, in-house, or something else. Video game companies have lawyers too, btw. I've met some of our legal counsel at Riot and they're wonderful people who love law and games!

Also, sorry to hear about your injury. All I can say is that some of the top students I met in law school were ones who had a few years out of school. They came in with better perspective and clearer direction, unlike me.

Originally posted by Whale_Poacher

Preeti. Thank you so dearly much for your kind words and authenticity. It would be a dream to work for Riot as legal counsel and know that you may get a PM in a few years out of the blue :) consider this my networking down payment now as gaming conferences and conventions may be a bit difficult to find during a pandemic ;) and i’ve got a ways to go before doing the right networking!

I’m particularly fascinated by both sides of your career because you stated something about your father and going into law knowing that you may not always be in law in some random interview I read earlier. I relate to that and think that even if I did a similar path as you (not being in law after a few years) I would not regret the school experience and legal knowledge I gain following law school, even if it’s mostly a lot of painful studying. I tend to not look back on my past with negativity, but of what I gained and what I can take (law degrees are practical right!?!) and knowing that a mountain of school debt won’t be there would make it slightly easier to pivot if ever decided upon, while hopefully always having a legal degree to fall back on.

Lastly, this game is special and I really believe in it and it makes me so happy knowing that players and developers feel the same way. I tell everyone excitedly how much as an adult I love this game and people really do see my passion for it. I believe this game will be at the top of esports if Riot continues to deliver and I know you guys will.

Take care Preeti, hope you get a good nights rest so yall can pump out more slapppin skins :) see you on the battlefield in the mean time!

Hi - quick response because I've been busy all day with this issue (still working on it).

I recommend a 4-year JD/MBA program if you may want to eventually leave law. Outside of law, I think the JD isn't valued as much as the MBA. And it's just one year extra but opens up a lot more doors for you. One more year sounds like a lot, but your career is probably still at least 30-35 more years of work!

Originally posted by Whale_Poacher

I've considered this and spoken with quite a few jd/mba lawyers who've done it and regular MBA students. Since I have a business degree already in finance, the MBA would be a lot of repeat of the curriculum I've done and would mostly exist as a title, though I would love to have it if it made sense. Perhaps something I consider if I see the value in it vs the opportunity cost of working one year. Bar review as well will have to be a consideration of how I use my precious time, considering I will be older than many of my peers entering law school to begin with.

That's a good point. My undergrad degree wasn't business related at all, so my experience trying to market myself as a JD was a little different.

Man, the Bar. I wiped that from my memory mostly but I do remember it was so much work and I'm glad I took a prep course. Never ever want to take another bar exam again.

Btw, what's your IGN and tag (like Name#123)? I'd like to send you a fist bump buddy if you don't already have one.

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