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I purchased the skin mainly because I thought the animation was sick as hell. The part where you walk in the sphere and the sky turns red and brim daddy shows up carrying the earth on his shoulders is super cool, but sadly, most of the time, you won't get to appreciate it at all because the next round starts before the sky even turns red.

Riot, in the name of all the people that decided to buy these skins, pls make the skybox effect either faster or instantaneous.

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riot peeti said they want to make it as easter egg but yeah i want it like spectrum while it instant turn into brimstone when i inspect too

Spectrum also has an "easter egg" Finisher when the bomb is planted. The Finisher music lasts longer and goes into a different, "chill" part of the song. You only have enough time for that part of the song to play if the spike is planted.

Also, the Spectrum music is slightly different if you're the killer vs. the person getting killed.

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hey im wondering if daddy brim only appears for the person who has the skin. im also wondering if you walk out of the sphere thingy will brim go away?

  1. Brim Daddy appears for anyone who goes into the spot. But it's small enough that usually only 1 person can fit.
  2. Yes, Brim Daddy goes away, but he reappears if you step back in.

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why is brim in the sky? whats the lore behind it?

It's inspired by the Champions anthem/music video, "Die for You."

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Think it was in a post on the competitive Val sub about this skin but the brim daddy in the sky was meant to be an Easter egg and not something you but the skin for. Think like killing someone early when going to defuse the spike. With that intent it's unlikely they'll change things but it would be cool for them to so it's something we can see more often

Correct - it's an easter egg. The Finisher on its own is actually pretty cool, but seems like everyone is running into the other world so they're not looking at it. :D

In the normal Finisher, the person killed turns to stone and crumbles. The lightning syncs with the music. If you inspect, the lightning goes crazy. And the music is cool.

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I just feel like the time are too short so all the hardwork rarely can be seen which is a wasted

We thought about this in development because this Finisher is so different. Basically, we didn’t want this to interfere with someone trying to pick up a gun skin or defuse the bomb. So we made the “box” it triggers in pretty small and also added a 1-2 second delay so you need to be standing still and looking for it to happen (vs it happening accidentally). It would be confusing if you ran thru it accidentally to defuse or when trying pick up a gun and then bam! you were taken into this red world.

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Y’all killed this skin. You’ll see a lot negativity because that’s the nature of this sub, but as a lurker and appreciator of effort in skins this is the sickest thing y’all have done yet. You shouldn’t be able to see the Easter egg every time you get a finisher because that’s not the nature of the game. Well done in my book I hope I have time to buy it between family business tomorrow

Thanks for the kind words! And happy thanksgiving!!!

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Little bit unrelated but how does the Champion Aura effect work? Does it only glow if youre the topfragger of the game?

Correct! Top frag in the entire game (no ties).

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Do u know when the mage punk op pullout animation will be fixed :;

I think the next patch!