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This is not a meme post I am literally addicted to the prime vandal and here’s why. So I’ve been playing way too much valorant and it has been interfering with my life responsibilities. Due to this I decided to leave my pc at home with my parents two days ago (I go to college two states away). Since I have decided to try and take a break I have realized how truly addicted I am. But it’s not just valorant I am addicted to, it’s the god damn feeling that I get from hitting a crisp one tap with the prime vandal. Please rito why do you make your skins so fun to shoot I have literally been having dreams that I am playing valorant and using the prime vandal (yellow one specifically). If anybody has a similar addiction or suggestions to shake this please let me know I am desperate.

Edit: Seeing some replies mentioning the reaver “vandal” while Taco Bell sound is pretty nice I much prefer the modern, sleek look of the Prime Vandal as opposed to my gun looking like a burnt potato chip

Edit 2: Whoever gifted me the “wholesome” award, I hope you are stuck with default vandal forever :$

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where is u/notjheck