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When Sage got nerfed, the ‘must-have-Sage’ meta was gone and it felt good. Then we got better at the game and smokes became a huge part of our attacking and defensive sides. Unfortunately, Omen’s smokes are way better so Brim took a hit. As seen in several tournaments his pickrate went down drastically. Sage’s meta changed to Omen’s meta.

Agent 15 has no smokes so even more months with this meta. I think Riot can make Brim fit in better by doing the following:

  • pick smoke spots (pre round even) and “save” them. When the time us right, hit E to smoke. You should be able to smoke how it works currently too.
  • more range for smokes
  • faster pull out time of his arm to smoke

I think these changes are enough to see him run around more and be an actual viable pick for pros.

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We agree. Brimstone buffs are coming very soon!