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Lately, many people was asking me how i almost Got to rank: iran2 last season. First of all, I am a old valrant player since i Was playeing for about 4 years. Because of this, I got a lot of knowlege and tips and tricks from since the time before the charcter Yaru was even in the game. One of the main thing noobs Dont understand is that The phanatom and the vandle are actualy prety terible guns and are basicly crutch weapon for the Juge and the odan. Once you got the odan or juge unlock, especialy with a skin then you Basicaly got a free win. Here is some cool tips and tricks with juge and Odan and also some extra Tips from a experienced rank iran1 (Almost rank iran2) player:

  1. Cleareing corners: Alot of people dont know how to clear the corners in the game correctley. When you got the Odan, you gota remember it got like 200 bullets to shoot. So before you clear the corner, Start shooteing the odan so the person whose campeing gets scared. Then once its already firing, you can peek into the corner while shooteing. Its LIATERALY imposible to die because you got a wave of bulets in front of you. ALso pro odan tip: when you scope in You get more shooteing.
  2. When your low on money, then You might have to buy the juge. This is actualy a very good weapon for siting in the Corners and geting free kills. And you can keep buyeing the juge til You got enough dolars for the odan. The best agent for this is Killjay or Cifar cause You can put down all there traps in a hall way with the juge and wait for the enemys and then you can Juge and get free ace
  3. Alot of times I loose the games becuse my Mom gets angery for some reason when I stay up until 4:38 o’clock AM in the morning playeing valrant. She dosent understand I almost got to iran2 rank last season. This season though I got a new stragey: Locking the door when she try to come in my room. This is kind of OP in real life cause theres Basicaly no way to stop me from fragging out with the odan and juge at sunrise. ALso its op because You dont have to go to school when you lock the Door. Its kind of anoying thogh When my dad Use the power tool to break down the door some time and un plug my computer.
  4. Put your microphone as close As posible to your mouth. Whenver Im playeing games, I can barely hear my teammates talkeing. To praevent this from happenening to you , You gota make sure Your microphone is very close To your mouth So they can hear you. Sometimes they say Im muted, but Thats probly because You arent yeling at them loud enough and they cant hear you.

Hopefuly this tips and Tricks post can help you guys Alot and let me Just say: STOP using vandle and phanatom and start using JUGE and ODAN!!!

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You LIATERALY forgot to ad the Prime Vandle does xtra dmg and has mroe bullets than the odan