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With the Stinger and Bucky nerfed into oblivion, it seems like there is a lot less of a viability in light buying.

It feels like we should either be full buying or hard saving most of the time now.

I know those guns were OP but I feel that it added some fun to the game because you could more easily make a comeback.

Its possible that the game will tend to snowball out of control a little more often now if its easier for the winning team to keep their lead.

What do you guys think?

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Originally posted by Sharky1214

also the bucky has a stronger left click now, buff to left and nerf to right

This was largely the intent. Shift the Bucky's power profile more in line with expectations for a shotgun - the left click should be a lot more reliable now, with the right click being more of a dedicated chip damage option that's a lot harder to actually one-shot with.