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I don't know if this has been mentioned by many people before but Riot's judging of whether sprays are too 'distracting' to be used mid-round is a little confusing to me. I understand not allowing the animated ones and sprays with bright-vivid colours that would draw your attention, but there are quite a few that don't really fit those definitions that are still seen as Riot as distracting, and vice versa. Just figured I'd ask to see if anyone had some insight or ideas on this.

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Most of this thread is right: 1. Animated ones 2. Ones with sound 3. Ones with an agent or ability on them that could be mistaken for an agent/util 4. Ones we think aren't acceptable midround due to competitive integrity for any reason

I'd rather us be careful and ban a spray from mid-round that interfere with competitive integrity (also, ppl probably spray less midround than they do pre/post-round).

If there are sprays you think don't fit for mid-round, lmk. This sub has helped us refine our rules over time and led to us banning some sprays from midround that we previously missed.