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Hello, Reddit!

This is Jo-Ellen, Community Manager for VALORANT at Riot Games. With both Lotus having been released and Split returning with changes on January 10th, the Maps team thought it would be a good time as any to catch up with you on our nine maps. They are here to answer any questions about Lotus, Split, and anything else you might have for them.

FYI, they don’t handle Map rotations—so they might not have answers for you on this.

From now, 11am, until 12pm Pacific Time, we’ll answer questions and then we'll edit this post to say when we log off!

Today's participants:

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Originally posted by TheMHking

Thanks for the AMA!

Returning player here, but I really only returned because of Swift Play. Someone was telling me Swiftplay will eventually go away.

Is that true? Or is it here to stay? Cause I really do play it as my main mode.

We're keeping a close on eye on queue health and player feedback, but currently it's here to stay :)

Originally posted by Festivetadpole

Are any of the maps likely to get major changes or reworks in the upcoming acts?

Nothing to share at the moment, but we're always looking at ways to improve our maps.

Originally posted by Scorch301

Are the doors turning on Lotus intentionally super loud? Did you have certain interactions in mind when making it so?

We lowered the audio volume in 6.01, but have some follow up changes in 6.02 as well.

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Originally posted by Lolyyk_

What is your favorite map?

I love all my children

Originally posted by BetterAdvantage_Bett

Why did you guys decide to go for a 3 plant site considering u guys already had Haven ?

We've always considered 3 site maps to be more of a format than Haven specific. This was just our first revisiting of that. There will likely be more 3 site maps in the future.

Originally posted by JumpyCranberry576

Lotus is a really awesome map, definitely my new favorite . What kind of real life inspirations did you guys look at when creating the map?

On the design side, my original inspiration for the doors came from the scene in Indiana Jones where Indy and his dad are tied back to back and light the room on fire, then spin around in the secret-door-fireplace.

For art, we took a ton on inspiration from tradition Indian architecture (Dravidian in particular) - Rock-cut structures, stepwells, etc.

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Originally posted by ItsRemi

Hello! This question is for George! First of all, lotus is beautiful! What are some challenges with being creative with the level as an environment artist(and team) while maintaining competitive integrity for Valorant?

Hi! Its always a balancing act! Art and design go hand in hand...its always a balance between what looks pretty and what is readable for gameplay.

In general as an artist, its always easier to add more details, more noise, more stuff...but much more difficult pull back details for the sake of gameplay clarity.

Thats why you generally see a lot more art details above the player in our maps.

Originally posted by Spideraxe30

Hey guys can you share how you pick which countries you want to make a map in and what lead you guys to India for Lotus? Is it similar to how the Agents team want to represent many real world cultures in the game

With our global approach in mind, we try to create an authentic representation of a country/culture with each of our maps. For Lotus/India, we saw opportunities for a tie-in to Harbor's backstory and also showcasing a region rich with thousands of years of culture and history.

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Originally posted by MrCool1k

What kind of ritual is happening in that temple near defender side spawn?????

I have no idea what you are talking about :P

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Originally posted by mazrahaha

is the site from the spike defuse section in the range ever going to see play or was the map scrapped?

That section already gets a lot of play! This area is a VALORANT made mock up of Ascent's B site.

Originally posted by PureBlood21

Hello! Thanks for the AMA. I only have one question.

Will we ever get the option to select what maps we want to play when we queue into a comp game?

We're not likely to allow map selection. We want player skill to reflect our whole pool of maps rather than "I'm only good at this one map."

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Originally posted by Diver-Big

Okay I gotta ask, whos putting all the tacibears and other animals everywhere? Is it everyone or a few select people?

Its most artists on the team. We tend to just sneak them in. I enjoy seeing how long it takes for other folks on our team to find them :P

Originally posted by its_jaxx

Lotus has a lot of new mechanics (rotating doors, brekable door, silent drop), what is the thought process for adding new mechanics? how do you know if something is competively vaible or if its too crazy? are there other new mechanics coming to new maps in 2023?

thanks for creating such a great game <3

Every mechanic we use needs to fit with our tactical gameplay, meaning it needs to encourage thoughtfulness and/or coordination. We do a ton of playtesting and tuning to refine any of our mechanics and ensure they work well with agent abilities and general strategy.

Nothing to share for new mechanics at the moment, but you'll almost certainly see some new ones at some point heh

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Originally posted by SouljaIsSpy03

What's with the secret upside-down rooms underneath Lotus?

They were actually put there for a technical reason! Without going too far into the weeds, we need a space to properly light our rotating doors...so they live down there until the match starts and they get moved into position.

Why there are folks hanging out upside down in there though.....we may never know...

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Originally posted by Aeriooos

Are map agent lineups ever considered when designing maps or are they typically unintentionally created and found by the community?

Lineups are, for the most part, happy accidents from when art goes into the map. We do try to put in details to help with gameplay a little bit, such as head-height details...but the crazy lineups are all from the community :D

Originally posted by meysmou

First off i want to say a huge thank you for being so engaged and transparent with the player base cause it really means a lot.

as for Lotus, the most interesting thing for me is that pile of sand in C main, it’s probably the most uniquely shaped piece of cover ive ever seen. i wanna know how the team came up with it and please tell me whats under that pile that bullets can’t go through it ? :D

and lastly i want to congratulate all the teams(maps, agents, skins,…) on all the content that you guys make. after almost 2.5 years of playing, we still can’t wait to see what you guys deliver next. we appreciate you. <3

Thanks for the kind words!

For design on Lotus, we wanted to explore some more organic shapes - Mound, B site bowl, Roots and Rubble. In playtesting, we had a lot of fun taking control of mound and working that space on both attack and defend. Glad you're enjoying it.

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Originally posted by Lolyyk_

How are you guys doing overall? Putting out a new map has to be stressful af

Good! Getting a new map finished up and out to players can be a little bit stressful, but its so exciting seeing players checking it out and having fun playing on it :D

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Originally posted by Paploo968

Have you guys ever thought of implementing bulletproof glass as a new gimmick for a map?

It would for example create funny instances where you are standing face to face to an enemy, who is on the other side of the glass, but you can't shoot eachother.

This would create moments where you have direct intel on the location of an enemy but you can't act on it outside of the use of some abilities. It would honestly create really interesting and funny moments.

If you guys went over this idea, I wonder what you guys thought the pros and cons would be.

create funny instances where you are standing face to face to an enemy, who is on the other side of the glass, but you can't shoot eachother.

This would create moments where you have direc

It has been explored in the past but its something we are unlikely to do.

The main con to this would be that we use materials on the map to convey how pennable it is and we use glass on things like radianite crates. Could get confusing if we change the rules and sometimes glass could be pennable but other times it could not.

Originally posted by NotToDisturb

Hello there! It's been awesome running around in Lotus, rushing B with my friends and discovering all the little nods and details. Also awesome to see Split back in the queue! Enjoying the changes so far. Thank you thank you thank you!

With that, I would like to ask three questions:

  1. We see a large relief in the ground of A Lobby. Is there are connection between that and the glass mosaics seen in Ascent and the Range?

  2. The coordinates we got for the map in REVELATION (10°09'60"N 77°03'40"E) are very different from the ones on the map's loading screen (14°07'03.4"N 74°53'21.0"E). Why is that?

  3. Does the "shape language" mentioned in the Lotus article have a meaning we should be looking out for?

Thanks and glad you're enjoying having Split back!

  1. No connection that I'm aware of, but the world works in mysterious ways...
  2. I don't actually know and unfortunately we don't have anyone from narrative here to answer. The coordinates for the Lotus are definitely 14°07'AD.4"N8 74°53'XY"E8 though.
  3. Shape language is just an art term for what meaning the shape of something might convey. No secret message there :)

Originally posted by Lolyyk_

What is your favorite map?

Can I say Raindance? For Val, it changes all the time. Currently Lotus though heh

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Originally posted by nondragon

Not really a question about the maps per se, but I want to know how each of you started out in the industry, and how you developed the necessary skills in order to take on this career path. Thank you in advance for doing this AMA and taking the time to answer people's questions, it truly means a lot.

I actually started out as a QA Tester! I went to college to learn how to make art for games but when I graduated I wasn't really at the skill level needed to land a job as an artist, so I built up some experience learning how games are made in QA while working on my portfolio on the side. Then I landed a job as an artist outside of games (educational/simulation games) and then made my way back into games as an artist and I've been at it ever since :)

Originally posted by savisbad

i heard a lot of people saying that it seems like lotus was designed for harbor. do you, or have you ever, designed certain maps around a certain agent’s abilities?

We never build a map for any agent specifically, but we do want all the agents to function and play well. That said, some maps lend themselves well to certain agent kits more than others. Funnily/Luckily, Harbor turned out to be pretty good on Lotus.

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Originally posted by s_sorrow

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck can't chuck wood?


Originally posted by Lost-Measurement-747

How do you think the split changes have been received so far by the player base and are there any plans to make any additional adjustments to the map

Players are still getting used to the map again so we're monitoring player reception. Currently no plans to adjust anything.

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Originally posted by dad_squad


wait, if they CANT chuck wood, it would be zero, right?

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Originally posted by ciroc__obama

Great job on the vistas, Dad and team. Very pleasant to look at!

<3 Glad you like them

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Originally posted by tkolty

Can we see Behind The Scenes of Lotus photos?

Sure! We just posted an article with some behind the scenes stuff here:


Originally posted by Hurdenn

I remember a rioter talking how the map was initially going to lock one site every round, but you guys scrapped the idea. Do you think it might come back, or does it definitely makes gameplay less fun?

After lots of playtesting, we found that mechanic just wasn't that interesting. It was doing a few neat things, like getting players to think differently round over round, but was also frustrating for sentinels and difficult to track game state. It's possible we revisit it at some point, but it's "in the icebox" for now.

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Originally posted by Glitchmonster

Hello, Enjoying the maps so far, have not noticed anything lore related yet. But I do have one question so far.

What is the purpose of the edges to the skylight on b site of lotus, is it a design decision or were they meant to close or do something interesting

The thinking is that they would open up like an aperture on a camera

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Originally posted by Chemical73

what's your favorite map from a game that's not valorant?

Spent a LOOOOT of time playing on Blood Gulch in Halo back in college

Originally posted by karboy101

Hey there, thanks for making all these great maps for us to enjoy!

I wanted to ask you guys about the process when you’re creating a map. How closely do you work with the team that handles character development? Considering that we experience and interact with the map through the characters’ kit, is that reflected in the amount of co-operation between your teams?

Also silly question: What triggers the music to play on Breeze?

Thanks again!

We work very closely with Agents, Narrative, Creative, Marketing, etc. Lots of collaboration across the board.

For agent abilities specifically, all our maps are designed to support them. Choke points fit smokes, heights match boost abilities and so on. We want to make sure every agent has a place on the maps.

For Breeze music, I think it just plays whenever you start a match?

Originally posted by TheOnlyMisty

What is the most interesting thing about map design in your opinion?

Finding ways to get players to think about their utility differently is always really fun for me. On Lotus, the rotating doors were the big driver here. Throwing things through and around them. They break placeables so taking that into consideration. Lots of new things for players to discover!

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Originally posted by The_Thinker_23

How early do you guys plan to tie the map design to the lore going on in valorant? When does that come into play? Is it from the inception of its design or does it eventually come into the picture?

In the early days of a map its all design/gameplay focused. Once we start figuring out visual thematic the narrative comes more into play.

Originally posted by TCSmith0812

High school eSports Coach here:

What should I tell my Valorant Team as far as advice on how to get better at playing Lotus?

Also, any general advice for my team? They'll be stoked to hear from you.

I wish my high school had a program like that!

Tell them try to control A main territory and watch their flanks on Attack. Defaulting on Attack, being non-committal, is a good way to start your round. On Defense, also try to fight for A main - We often run a 3-1-1 setup with an info Sentinel on B.

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Originally posted by Joeganaut



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Originally posted by OxidizedCopperBrick

If i wanted to join the valorant art team some day, would i have to gather some other job experience first after studyinh art or can i apply at riot games directly?

It would depend on the level of experience needed for the job at that time! Riot also has an internship program that would be worth checking out.

As an artist at Riot or any other game studio you would need an art portfolio to apply. I would recommend looking at places like Artstation to see what sort of work other artists in the industry put in their portfolio.

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Originally posted by Volcanic8171

is the green thing on split at attacker spawn a frog or a turtle, my duo says it’s a turtle but i say it’s a frog

above the bike shop? its a turtle

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Originally posted by Rorddit

Do you have plans for a very Dystopian cyberpunk style map? Something reminiscent of "Ghost in the Shell" or "Blade Runner"!

Can't say for sure what our future maps would look like, but on a personal note, I love the cyberpunk genre. Stuff like Blade Runner, Akira etc.

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Originally posted by squiddy555

Can I eat the flower thingies?

do it at your own risk :P

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Originally posted by Sir_Reason

Ascent B is the plant not the defuse though.

Ahhhh sorry I misunderstood :( I don't believe that part was intended to be part of a map, it was built specifically for the Range.

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