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Being a developer for an insanely huge game like VALORANT is not an easy job. You never get a pat on the back from the community for doing your job correctly, but everyone will point their finger when something goes wrong. Some may say “well, you don’t applaud a fish for swimming” while you’re correct I’m a strong believer that you should give people their flowers while they are still alive and I just want to say thank you to all the riot devs for making my favorite game I’ve played in years… and continue to make it more engaging and updated every act.

I come from playing nothing but console FPS for the last 8 years or so, VALORANT being my first MNKB game. Call of duty and Activision do absolutely nothing engaging with their players and just want the money. They don’t listen to their fan base and will do pretty much anything for just a quick buck. They know their core fan base will continue to buy the next game so they have gotten very greedy.

VALORANT has been the only game I have been playing realistically for the last year or so and I’m so addicted to the rank climb, the unlimited possibilities of what this game is capable of, and of course the immense number of updates we get (Yoru buff pls soon).

Pretty much what I’m getting at is, if there is a dev reading this, don’t let all the negativity that gets posted on social media about this amazing game bring you down. You guys have made something special and I have made great friends and have had a wonderful experience playing the game you guys work hard on for our enjoyment.

Thanks guys! Happy Holidays

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I knew you meant all, but it's just that the text mainly referred to devs.

On the team, we call everyone a dev regardless of what their job is. "Dev" just means "developer," and we're all game developers for this game. I like to say that the highest compliment we can pay each other is saying someone is a developer, rather than referring to their actual job title on paper.