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Hi, so I've only had this problem recently and what happens is when I click on the game to play, at first it updates really quickly, but then it resets back to 0%, 0.1mb/s and this happens every single time I close and restart the launcher.

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The speed shown on the launcher is the speed at which is downloading data from a server. As part of updating to a new patch, the launcher has to download data and move or reorganize data within files and executables. Often when its displaying very slow speeds its doing the second part. It doesn't have to download any more data but it may have to move things around. I believe if you wait long enough, it should successfully go through? The slower your disk is, the longer this will take. For example having a solid state drive or NVME drive will greatly help speed this step up.

I am hoping that at some point in the future we will represent disk operations better in the UI. Not sure if we have anything immediately planned though.

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but the thing is tho its on 0%, I left it there for 30 minutes and I came back and still no progress. Furthermore, this isnt a recurring thing, this started happening right after the latest patch, so I dont think the launcher is actually downloading stuff. And like I said I have to go through this every single time I want to play Valorant. Launcher def not downloading patches everytime I play.

If it doesn't make any progress after a significant amount of time and you aren't able to get into game, I would recommend reaching out to our player support. They will collect diagnostics files from your computer and hopefully either provide you with a solution or ask an engineer to take a further look at it.