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Originally posted by Krishnacz

It has default vandal sound instead of something new like old sovereign had for each gun pretty waste of a skin set for me honestly

It has custom audio, it’s not default.

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Originally posted by Krishnacz

I listened to both of them side by side and what it feels like is the default sound slightly amplified and recorded in an empty room and a shwing sound when he stops shooting :(

It feels like prime 1.0 really spoiled me, I cant feel satisfied with any other sounds in game

We always try to have the base sound of the gun present in the skin firing audio to keep it recognizable with the base gun. For every person who wants vastly distinct audio (Person A) , there’s another person who wants to know what they’re firing when they hear it (Person B). We err on the side of competitive integrity, so we wouldn’t want Person B to pick up Person A’s skin and feel like it hindered their gameplay.

Regardless, this is good feedback. If we keep hearing stuff like this, we can try to tune firing audio even more. I assume you haven’t tried it in game yet (since only a few influencers have played with it), so if you pick it up off the ground let me know what you think.

I’ve tried it in-game many times and always thought the firing was very unique and watching a video doesn’t quite convey the feeling the same way for me.

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Originally posted by DabCat69

Sadly the difference is so slight, I was hoping it sound like reaver so high pitched bass.. but the sound wasn't up to the expectations sadly

Posted a reply above, if you wanna check it out. Also, once it’s released if you happen to pick it up off the ground and try it let me know what you think. I feel like videos don’t really convey firing sound the same as when you’re firing it yourself. IMO the “amount” of firing audio on the Reaver Vandal is about the same as Forsaken but I’m just used to playing with Reaver more, tapping with it, spraying, etc.