15 days ago - OenKrad - Direct link

Sorry to say I just played Blightreaper and had Beastmen.

Not intended for that authentic Shade assassin experience? Darn.

Thank you for these big quality of life changes.

The Chaos Wastes improvements sound great too.

15 days ago - Fatshark_Hedge - Direct link

Hotfix #1 -

  • Fixed an issue where bots could not be changed from their base careers
  • Fixed a crash that occured if a player ahead dies or leaves the lobby when a Tzeentch Egg is about to spawn
  • Fixed a couple of issues that could result in the Javelin becoming invisible
  • Made some changes to the A Cluster of Radiants animation
  • Fixed several crashes; including the one that would occur if the Career Skill was bound to the mouse
  • Fixed an issue where the Okri’s Challenge ‘Rippling Radiance’ could be completed in The Keep
  • Fixed a discrepancy with the description and completion criteria of the Okri’s Challenge ‘Sheltering Thicket’
  • Fixed Saltzpyre’s (Bounty Hunter) ‘Double-Shotted’ Talent not reducing cooldown on headshots

Today’s small patch was an update to the launcher. Nothing game-facing.


  • Fixed various miscellaneous crashes.
  • Fixed various localisation issues.
  • Sister of the Thorn: Tweaks to 'Radiant Inheritance;
    • Overall duration reduced to 10 seconds (down from 15). (new!)
    • Power Level increase now 20%, down from 50%.
    • Critical strike chance increase removed.
    • Critical strike power now 20%, down from 40%.
    • Movement speed increase now 20%, down from 30%.
    • Attack speed increase unchanged.
  • Javelins should no longer float if buried in to a target that can move/disappear (like a breakable shield or a Sackrat’s sack).
  • Fixed an issue where Sister of the Thorn’s finger trail didn’t stop after Life Staff’s idle rune animations were interrupted.
  • Fixed an issue where a client-connected Sister of the Thorn’s ranged attacks would appear to pierce through the Thorn Wall. They effectively wouldn’t but visually it was misleading.
  • Increased duration of Life Staff’s painting trail length by a lot, also made all SotT trails look smoother on extreme settings.
  • Moonfire bow now has arrow notched as it should.
  • Fixed ‘A Bitter Rose Among Thorns’ not counting on Cataclysm difficulty runs.
  • Fixed ‘Weaves Bounty’ not counting on clients.
  • Fixed Life Staff ‘vortex’ having the wrong sound on clients.
  • Fixed Sister of the Thorn’s THP leech perk not working if Kerillian is captured and gets rescued.
  • Bot Kerillian with Javelins should no longer become confused by Bardin’s Throwing Axes.
  • Boss Walls will be removed if the boss becomes untargetable, in an effort to prevent soft locks caused by bosses becoming stuck out of play.
  • Chaos Wastes - The blessing and boon buying action on Map Shrines has been changed into a ‘hold to buy’ instead of a ‘click to buy’.
  • Chaos Wastes - Khaine’s Fury should now work more consistently.
  • Taal’s Horn Keep - Fixed a location in the keep where players could get stuck.
  • Bretonnian Longsword - Corrected charge animation when going from light 2 to heavy 3. Increased precision of heavy 2 swing.
  • Bretonnian Longsword - Increased widow to go into block after light 1 and light 2.
  • Grail Knight’s career ability shouldn’t break third person crouching animation anymore.
  • The command wheel should now offer all suitable commands to players using a gamepad.
  • Tweaked the formatting of achievement descriptions in Okri’s challenges so they are easier to read when there’s many lines of texts.
  • Fixed an issue on the controller UI where some hero equipment would be seen on the ‘ESC’ menu.
  • The ‘Iconic Presence’ Challenge should now display the time requirement appropriately.