15 Aug


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Classic fat shark -_-

This is the exact goal of the test though, finding the issues where certain players meeting specific criteria aren't able to connect or stay connected. Better to find them now than on November 30th!

12 Aug


You were sent a CD Key by email! Maybe it’s in your spam folder or promotions tab if you use gmail?


Sharks will be there yep!

05 Aug


I copied the link from our Steam announcement, and it inherited the link referral, fixed now!

29 Jul


We havent yet announced crossplay as a confirmed feature. We want it and are working on it but until its announced dont expect it.


Nope this is fine!


I think it says to pick a primary set up for submitting test information. As for OS on PC, we only officially support windows yep.

28 Jul


To our community,

Today, we decided to delay the launch of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide to November 30th for
PC. Xbox Series X|S will launch shortly after PC, with a specific launch date to come.

Delaying a game is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions a developer faces and one we
are not excited about making. Still, we hope this speaks to our commitment to taking the time
necessary and doing whatever it takes to get you the best possible game.

While we have been humbled by the great feedback on the game so far, we also need more
time to improve stability, performance, and to mature key systems. Each is critical to making
sure we have the best possible experience for you, the players.

We also want to invite you on this journey.

Soon, we will start a series of technical tests and betas in advance of our launch, to ensure we
deliver the best version of the game. If you’d like to participate, you can sign up for a cha...

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16 Jul

  1. Go to your Order history and find the order or pre-order.
  2. Select Cancel item next to the item you want to cancel. If you don’t see this option, you’ve already been charged for the item, but you can request an exchange or refund.
  3. Select the check box next to the item and then select the Cancel item button.
  4. Check your inbox for an email confirming t...
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15 Jul


Collboy’s statement is right, we are only supporting Xbox Series X | S in the console world.

07 Jul


‘Dave’ is my flavour of the month, woven betwixt my normal staple of Kubbi, StoneOcean various game/movie/tv soundtracks, various synthwave playlists.

06 Jul


So we have performed all the requisite steps to have this work. We’ve ticked the boxes in the EAC portal, included the files in the appropriate places. Problem is, as you can see, it doesn’t work. We’ve been in touch with both third parties (in this case Epic and Valve), but we’re at a bit of a roadblock truth be told. Those who would work on really digging in to the weeds on this are indeed digging in to Darktide weeds, so aren’t able to spend sufficient time liaising with Valve and Epic to figure out why it’s not working despite doing what seemed necessary.

In short, work on this is on hold for now. We’ll bark up this thread should things spin up again.

04 Jul


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Okay now I want a murderous hedge-hog child to be part of a sister of the thorn skin.

Okay now I want a murderous hedge....


...hog child to be part of a sister of the thorn skin.

oh... :|


We’ve done a platformer/run and gun/metroidvania type game before… Just sayin’.


:smiley: Thank you from all of us!

28 Jun


A bug indeed, a fix is brewin'

22 Jun


Dan Abnett discusses the enemy faction in Darktide - the traitor guard regiment Moebian Sixth.

It’s fun to create bad guys, and the Moebian Sixth are bad to the bone.

To me, in games just like novels, the bad guys have got to be interesting, not just cannon fodder, and that’s hard to pull off in a game because there are going to be a lot of them coming at you as you dig in and play, and some of them will be cut down quickly (if you’re doing your job right!).

It’s pretty much impossible to build them as characters, or establish any depth of personality, because there isn’t the space or the time, and you’re not going to have the sort of interaction with them you’d get in a novel or a piece of prose. You might get to learn about a bad guy’s motivation or impulses in a book, but in a game like this, they’re just going to loom at you out of the dark and try to kill you.

So what we’ve attempted to do instead is build, if not ...

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