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Today we are happy to introduce the latest DLC for Vermintide 2: Return to the Reik.

Expanding on the adventures of the Ubersreik Five, Lohner has a critical task that needs undertaking.

So, looks like I’ve got a job for you in one of your old stomping grounds. Some dozy merchant’s got his ship wedged good and proper between the banks of the River Reik, and there are vital cargo vessels backed up all the way from Marienburg to Nuln. I wouldn’t mind, but there’s a mess of building materials aboard that Rosalinde needs to get this here keep into proper shape for what’s to come.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What does this have to do with us? Well, renovations aside, I’m trying to get some of the more influential families of the region to support our little escapades - or at least to stop fighting amongst themselves while the Old World burns. Problem is, the van de Kuypers of Marienburg are insisting that this episode is all some plot to stop ‘em getting their marshlander mitts on a long-awaited supply of Nuln Oil. Funny stuff, but folk do swear by it. There’s no such plot, of course. Just the skaven sowing mischief, as usual … so you can expect plenty of the little buggers to be lurking around the riverbanks, laughing to themselves as they help themselves to stranded cargo.

So I need you to get that ship free, as soon as you can, and however you can. The Bridge of Shadows is going to set you down in Carroburg, and I’m sure enterprising folks such as yourself can lay hands on something … persuasive … to get the bloody thing unstuck. Now, I’m thinking black powder, but I’ll leave the details to you.

This one’s a bit of a priority, I’m afraid. So no galavanting off to the Chaos Wastes until the matter’s settled. I know you’re all raring to go, but like my old mum used to say, you’ve got to eat your greens before getting to the dessert. Chop chop.

It’s down to you, the heroes, to tread familiar ground along the Reik and re-open the trade routes and stop the Skaven from getting their hands on precious supplies…

This DLC is free and available now to all owners of the Bardin Songbook, and for everyone else will be purchasable on Steam on the 31st of April 2021.

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