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@Wulrik, do you use the Scoreboard Tweaks mod?

Could you please provide any details of what exactly is misrepresented and incorrect in the Chaos Wastes scoreboard?

16 days ago - FatsharkLev - Direct link

Ahhh. I believe this is something that would need to be solved by the mod author. I recommend communicating with the author via the mods Steam Workshop page.

We do have a ticket logged in our database though, which needs a discussion. So, I’ll update it with the info provided here, just in case anything needs to happen our end.

15 days ago - FatsharkLev - Direct link

I hear you! Don’t get me wrong, we won’t just look away and I’ve passed all of this info on to our developers to discuss and investigate. I can’t speak to sanctioned mod decisions, but if the issue requires a code fix our end then we’ll do it.