about 2 months ago - FatsharkJulia - Direct link

Hello! Please:

  1. Load up Vermintide 2 as normal
  2. Open the Task Manager
  3. Select the ‘Details’ tab
  4. Right-click vermintide2.exe
  5. Select ‘Set affinity’

In that window, are all CPU cores checked?

about 1 month ago - FatsharkJulia - Direct link

Last time we saw this, a player’s Anti-Virus was interfering with their set Affinity. It’s my understanding the Anti-Virus set the Affinity for our anti-cheat service Easy Anti-Cheat, which Vermintide 2 then inherited. It’s worth looking at what’s set for Easy Anti-Cheat to start with, and whether your Anti-Virus could have something to do with it.