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Playstation players will notice an update that is approximately 3.2 GB. This patch contains a handful of localization fixes for Russian players, but the bulk of it is preparing our backend systems for the upcoming anniversary event. More information on what this contains when we launch the anniversary March 8.


We are aware of an issue that is causing console players to crash with the latest patch. Please note that owning the following will result in a crash:

Acolyte of Sea & Storm
Absent Friends Collection

Acolyte of Sea & Storm
Back to Ubersreik

This issue has been resolved internally and a hotfix will be rolling out shortly.

about 1 month ago - Aqshy - Direct link

yup, let us know what it is!

about 1 month ago - Aqshy - Direct link

We’re aiming for submission of the hotfix today, and from there, it should be a fast cert turnaround. I’ll keep you all updated on where we are in this process.

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