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Sorry to hear this. As all purchases are handled by Steam, please explain your issue to Steam Support and they should be able to help reverse this for you.

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I’ve responded to your submission via the Support Portal, but I’ll paste my reply here in case:

I’ve raised this with our Marketing department as an urgent issue, we need to make sure these duplicates are refundable. I’ll let you know as soon as I have an update on the matter.

Out of interest, I don’t suppose you’re able to submit a manual refund request via the Steam website?: How To Request A Refund - Steam Support

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Please keep me posted! :+1: Our Marketing department have contacted Steam also.

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Of course, no negative action will be taken against the account. I promise! Steam, please refund this individual! If you need me to state an order number, let’s use: 2712832256641500345.

You could link them to this post to make life easier, I suppose.

I’ve already contacted Steam to request that they honour any refund requests for duplicated purchases, but have yet to hear back. So, Steam, if you’re reading this - help me out. :wink:

Sorry this has been such an inconvenience for you.