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That sucks. Do you happen to know if they've mentioned this nerf is intentional?

It's not, hopefully shipping out a fix in the next day or two

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They seem worse to anyone else?

They're just dieing all the time now.

Bear in mind they're not the same bots as before, and priorities will have shifted. Players have build bot-meta-loadouts for some time and those loadouts may no longer be the most effective. Consider spicing things up, play in to their new strengths/weaknesses.

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No offense, but as we've been telling Fatshark since launch, the state of item crafting modifiers is so horrid that there's very little to change from the meta. Not much "spicy" stuff to give to them so I'm not 100% sure what you're even talking about.

Unless you mean talents and you're saying that we should be trying to spec them as full tanks in order for them to survive? In which case, that doesn't sound like a successful AI to me...

Well, there's weapons that worked well with how bots used to work. Bots will approach combat differently now, so I suggest trying something else in their hands.

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