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As promised, we’re providing more detail in to the balance and tweaks outlined in the 1.0.7 Patch Notes

Dodge tweak pass to remove kite-ability and edge-case slowdowns

  • Removed linger time vs. ranged attacks (was 0.2s extra after dodge finished)
  • Tuned dodge curves to maintain a slower end of curve to disallow chain-dodge move speeds above sprinting (no kiting for you)
  • Limited speed mods to only scale speeds above normal movement speed to ensure low-rolled mobility weapons don’t get stuck in place

Talent balance pass, bleeding, and grenade amounts tuned.

  • Tuned bleeds, stacking rules, durations, and damage output increase vs. Resilient and add the full range of stackable DoT functionality.
  • Zealot: Crit bleed talent, increased bleed stacks to 2 (was 1)
  • Zealot: Crit bleed talent, make crit bonus stackable 3 times - up to 30%
  • Zealot: Reduce movement speed on taking damage to 20% (was 30%)
  • Zealot: Increased toughness reduction for “Toughness reduction on crit” talent to 75% (was 50%), and increase duration to 4s (was 3s)
  • Zealot: Increased bonus from “impact on multiple hit” talent to 30% per stack, increased max stacks to 5 for a totalt max bonus of 150%. (was 10% and max 3 stacks).
  • Veteran: increased bleed stacks on a grenade to 8 (was 2) - half of max bleed
  • Veteran: Removed the ability for grenade impact to cause bleed. Only the explosion should cause bleeds.
  • Veteran: Reduce veteran “damage vs. far” talent to 20% (was 25%)
  • Veteran: Increased time for replenishing grenade talent to 60s (was 45s)
  • Veteran: Reduced proc chance for elite kills in coherency gives grenades to 5% (was 8%)
  • Veteran: Increased toughness on killing an enemy in melee with a teammate to 10% (was 4%)
  • Ogryn: Heavy hits cause bleed increased to 4 stacks (was 1)
  • Ogryn: Grenade cluster bomb talent now triggers on Resistant and Armored too
  • Ogryn: Increased number of grenade boxes in inventory to 2.


  • Tweaked specials pacing speed running values
  • Tuned down some ramping timer modifiers for specials/horde spawns
  • Tuned down the number of cultists spawned slightly
  • Tweaked up trickle horde aggro challenge rating threshold
  • Tuned down ‘HL-16-11 Chasm Station’ Captain spawns

Ranged Minions

  • Tweaked attack intensities
  • Tweaked melee combat range switch, scaled more on difficulties
  • Tweaked navigation on renegade assault
  • Tweaked close-range minion attack intensities on toughness break
  • Tweaked enemy ranged falloff damage reduction starting at 15 meters reduced up to 50% after 20 meters

Force Sword

  • The ‘push’ charge cost for the Force Sword has been removed, range of push reduced to 3.75m (was 5m).

Bump up for autoguns and autopistols

  • Autogun damage increased across ranges about this much: ——x----
  • Autopistol damage increased across ranges about this much: —x—----
  • Autopistol ammo reserve increased to 8x clip size (was 6x)

Ogryn club bumped up

  • Made ogryn club more mobile and increased speeds of attack chains overall. Big guy swinging.
  • Fixed issue with broken action chain to Grenade and Ability in attacks
  • Bumped and tuned damages on attacks:
  • Light swings first target damage range from 100-120 to 80-160, second target 80-100 to 60-120
  • Heavy swings first target damage range from 120-150 to 120-240, second target 80-100 to 80-160
  • Light combo-finish first target damage range from 75-150 to 100-250
  • Fixed an issue where Heavy starter (downwards) first target armor mods were using too low values. Set to a proper 100% vs. most things now, as appropriate for a heavy ogryn single-target bonk.

Ogryn shovel bumped up

  • Made Ogryn shovel more mobile and increased speeds of attack chains overall. Big guy swinging.
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  • Increase Autogun damage range from 40-100 to 60-120
  • dmg vs armored near-far mod from 60%-40% to 60%-50%
  • dmg vs berzerker near-far mod from 75%-50% to 100%-80%
  • dmg vs resistant near-far mod from 60%-50% to 100%-80%
  • dmg vs voild shield near-far mod from 60%-50% to 100%-80%


  • Increase Autopistol damage range from 30-70 to 40-80
  • dmg vs berzerker near-far mod from 90%-60% to 100%-60%
  • dmg vs resistant near-far mod from 50%-40% to 100%-60%
  • dmg vs voild shield near-far mod from 60%-40% to 100%-60%
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retroactive bud

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Summoning @Ratherdone for some of the more nerdy (no disrespect intended, I’m just a bit out of my depth!) questions (and Psyker questions!)

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It’s actually more involved than a similar toggle in I’d wager any other FPS game given how we chain inputs, but it is on the to-do list.

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We’re sitll looking in to it my dude, I recommend copying the template in the megathread you’ve been in and providing all the information, not just crash logs or console logs, but the whole template.

it helps.

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Fraid so, given the rapid iteration we’re not always able to update tooltips as there are multiple localisations for the game that we would need to update at the same time, so whilst we’re going through more rapid changes, tooltips may be out of date for an update or two. Once we get in to a post launch groove and flow, this stuff shouldn’t be an issue.

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Reporting in SAH! Answering nerdy things SAH!

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Misstake/misscommunication - we only touched the force sword but fixed a couple of the texts for talents across the board, but no other changes to the Psyker this time apart from range and cost of push.

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no, but the autopistol uses separate damage profiles on the braced as to allow us to change things - can double-check so no little bugs have snuck into the updated values.

It’s only meant to have slightly more suppression on braced, cause it’s scarier to get shot at with a tilted gun…?

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Bleed has a max stack of 16 and ticks for 20 damage per tick at max stacks vs unarmored enemies, there is a nicely curved ramp of damage per tick based on number of stacks and bleeding has, as all other attacks, different damage multipliers depending on target armor type.

Bleeding stacks work like other DoTs now - Stacks will tick damage while reducing the number of stacks over time until all stacks run out and the DoT ends. A single stack of bleed ticks damage every 0.5s and has a duration of 1.5, so should tick on average 3 times.

Will take a look at the bleed stacks applied by Ogryns Bull Gore - it was not tweaked this time around, might be a bit low but then again you can hit like 100 guys with it so the total stacks up.

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hm… interesting - which weapon? Will keep an eye out for broken stuff

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That would be me. Hi!

Melee damage bleeds through based on you current % of toughness - so if you’re at 100% you shouldn’t be taking any damage (edit: There is a min 10% damage even at max toughness, sorry - it’s late over here) . Combined with the toughness gained on melee kills and toughness gained on ability use we hope to reach a balanced yet challenging experience.

Thank you for your feedback.

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interesting - the damage of the bull rush is quite straightforward, it hits things and does its damage to it. Will keep this in mind if we make a pass at making the damage calculations a bit more dynamic and complex, which I have a tendancy to do anyway…

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on the ranged enemy tweaks:

It’s difficult to give exact numbers on integrated mechanics of the AI and behaviours since they are all complex and code-relative and usually just leads down a rabbit hole of data-blurting weighted behaviour conditions. But we’ll be looking over how we communicate these things.

In my experience, when it comes to the less straightfoward tweaks like this, the best loop we can get it explaining what the overarching intent of the change is and then observe both feedback and check data on how it changes the pacing and experience. The current changes are quite mild but is a step on the way of tuning the experience.

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So melee attacks currently have a minimum 10% damage bleed-through at max toughness and otherwise scales with your toughness %.

So at 50% toughness you take half damage
Between 90-100% toughness you take 10% damage
at no toughness you take 100% damage.

The intent here is to make toughness valuable on a granular scale - but it’s a mechanic we’re watching and collecting info on during the Beta, we’ll see where we’ll end up.

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Regarding stats, weapon presentation and bars. Yes. We know. We want to clarify that. There are things in the works. Otherwise I have been looking at writing some dev blogs, it’s mainly a time thing on that front.

But to answer shortly: Stats are unique per weapon, it’s basically the result of “if you combat guys would pick 5 thing that are relevant to scale on a weapon, what would that be?”. We then bunch up any tweak-values required to make it balanced and interesting into different stats. Thus, for very armor-piercy single-target melee weapons we’ll create a different stat profile focusing on raw base damage, armor penetration, stagger-capacity, first target in sweep bonuses etc. While a cleaving horde-clearing weapon includes scales on different values and have stats focused on unarmored damage, cleaving more enemies, improved damage vs subsequent targets hit etc.

The intent is to create weapons that scale in interesting ways but don’t overstep their role and blend all weapons into the same cathegory.

As for Shredder and Penetration: they are (without know the weapon and not super comfortable with all these fancy player-facing names) scaling the Sawing damage of a chainsword for Shredder (as the sawing is a completely different damage profile), while penetration scales the damage multiplier vs armored and elite armor types. The idea is to provide a choice between doing solid damage in general on normal attacks, bumping your sawing damage or being better vs harder target.

There will be more in the future, but now it’s time to nerf something else and/or go to bed.

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Ratherdone has clocked out, it’s 00:30 where he is! :smiley:

He’s a combat guy exclusively, not UI or systems, but I can speak very lightly to some of it.

The Barber Chirurgeon doesn’t let you change everything right now, some by design, and some due to tech limitations (such as height, name and voice to name 3). It wont be a high priority to update those things, there’s way more tech issues that need to be looked in to before we find the time for more QOL stuff on the Chirurgeon front.

As for the explanations of ‘stuff’, there’s an entire interface not far from being ready which really blew my mind when I saw it, and made me appreciate how complex stuff is behind the scenes, and why it took us three games to figure out how to present it in a meaningful way through an in-game interface.

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You realise in many communities this is why developers just nope out of forums, right?

Cool. Cool.

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We are flogging the codegryns as hard as we can. Design-work is being done in parrallel since you guys really don’t want me to fiddle with the engine code.

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As a doctor, if you ask your patient for information on their history, and they just provide a portion of their history (such as the symptoms, and not relevent information from their past), do you just prescribe whatever might work for them, even though they might have allergies? I know the analogy doesn’t entirely translate, but to be able to make the most of these reports we need as much information as possible as described in the megathread you’ve contributed to.

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As do we, I can assure you doc! Software is different to the human body in many ways. We can’t tell you when we’ll be able to hot fix this, but rest assured when we have a fix, we will shout about it, but in the mean time, contributing to the troubleshooting is valuable.