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For anyone seeing an increase in connectivity errors recently please can you provide your console logs from sessions this has happened?

It’d be great for us to take a deeper look, and determine if there’s an underlying issue here.

Thank you in advance!

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Thanks for providing the logs all. I’ve added these to the entry in our database, and we’ll be looking into it.

2 months ago - FatsharkLev - Direct link

Thanks all. I’ve passed the additional logs on to the development team and we’re still investigating.

If anyone else experiences similar connectivity errors, then please keep the console logs coming as these are greatly helpful for us to look at. Thank you in advance!

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Unfortunately I don’t have much to update at this stage.

We’ve checked analytics and the current logs provided, but have been unable to find a common underlying issue.

A developer is still assigned and due to look deeper at what could be happening, but if there is an underlying network issue here, it’s my understanding that it won’t be an easy or quick fix :frowning:

I’ll create a pinned post and merge everything, and for anyone still experiencing ongoing connectivity issues please continue to let me know and I can provide these reports and any additional console logs to the team.

I appreciate some of you may have already ran through our connectivity error solutions, but I’ll re-share the article here again. It may also be worth trying these again, in case of (or hope of) a different outcome - as it’s still a possibility for local network issues to be at play.

Thank you again all for the reports and logs so far, and for your continued patience.

Hopefully I’ll be able to update again soon!

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