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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Heroes and Pactsworn!
Surprise! We've actually decided to extend the Versus Alpha for another week! Today's hotfix, 5.5.6, includes a few fixes to both Adventure mode and Versus, and has some balance adjustments made to the playable Pactsworn for Versus.

The RAT will now end on June 17th! Starting from yesterday and until the end of the test, the Versus servers will automatically swap between the three active Versus maps: Against the Grain, Righteous Stand and Screaming Bell. You get to play all of them this week and have more fun with our playable Bile Troll!

In case you haven't already, we have a {LINK REMOVED}Versus Feedback Survey that we'd really appreciate if you all filled it out and gave us all your feedback from playing this Alpha!
You can also find the survey link on the launcher.

Hotfix 5.5.7 - 13th of June Fixes
  • Fixed challenge "Sheltering Thicket" not tracking blocked ratling gunner shots properly.
  • Fixed crash when hosting a game with a Waystalker Bot whose loadout contains a javelin, while the hosts own Waystalker loadout has a bow.
  • Fixed an issue where you could select career by using the arrow keys.
Hotfix 5.5.6 - 12th of June Fixes
  • (Chaos Wastes) Fixed rare crash when boon drones fly towards something very far away.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if you upgrade an item currently equipped on any other loadout.
  • Fix crash when trying to update character data while having 5-6 loadouts on all careers
Versus Tweaks
  • Enabled automatic map rotation between Righteous Stand, Screaming Bell and Against the Grain.
  • Monsters now block warpfire thrower fire.
  • Increased Bile Troll health from 600 to 750.
  • Increased the size of Bile Troll's vomit hit boxes, to make it slightly easier to use.
  • Increased damage taken while standing in Bile Troll vomit by 40%.
  • Decreased spawn chance for Poison Wind Globadier slightly.
  • Increased Packmaster damage by 50% (per tick).
  • Increased Packmaster health from 30 to 50.
Versus Fixes
  • Fixed pinging a potion with the ping wheel in versus causing a server crash
  • Fixed crash when showing pact sworn choices while playing with a controller
  • Fixed rare end of game dedicated server crash related to warrior priest ability being active.
  • Fixed certain spots in Against the Grain where Packmasters could pull hooked players out of the playable area and leave them stuck.
  • Fixed a climb spot in Against the Grain where Pactsworn players could get stuck while climbing.
  • Fixed NPC enemies getting stuck on destructible stuff in Against the Grain.
  • Fixed NPC enemies sometimes getting really obsessed with attacking a spot on the ground in Against the Grain.
  • Fixed players being stuck in matchmaking if a hero picker appears and times out
  • Fixed crash caused by friend joining into a versus keep after playing as pact sworn.