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Do you have paged files disabled on your computer? Because it kinda looks like you don’t have a paging file.

10 months ago - Satoru - Direct link

Yeah that’s likely the issue what I would do is

  1. uncheck “automatically mange paging file size”
  2. Select your D:\ and then the radio button “System managed size”. Then click “Set”
  3. If you’re running out of space on your c:\ you can select your C:\ and then select the radio button “no paging file” then click “Set”
  4. you’ll need to reboot to make those changes

having 1GB free on your c:\ isnt super optimal as it can cause wierd issues if you run out of disk space on yoru OS drive. The OS wont’ outright crash, but it will start acting ‘weird’, until you free up disk space.

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Not sure on this one unfortunately, but I’ll make sure it’s added to our database.

10 months ago - Satoru - Direct link

Can you screenshot your virtual memory settings again?

Also how much free space do you have on your C:\ and D:\ ?

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