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6s Hi! Welcome to Thunder Show and the craziest moments of the past week.
11s Wait, why the craziest?
13s Today’s episode is gonna feature the most mundane ones instead.
18s You know, your daily routine.
20s Mundane, even!..
22s Ha, would you believe this?
24s Gotcha!
25s Let’s get to this whirlwind of random events and honed skills!
35s Are you still afraid of enemy ATGMs?
38s 60% of the time, this trick works every time:
41s once you spot the missile...
43s knock it down with a smoke grenade!
46s Here’s some slow-mo for more clarity.
48s Simple, right?
50s You’re welcome.
55s As you know, Thunder Show is now Sturmtiger Show,
59s but we actually have a reason to include this beast in today’s episode.
63s You think it only wreaks havoc on the ground?
66s Newsflash! The skies...
69s aren’t doing that great either.
71s Captains, report, what’s your status?
77s And here’s a majestic cycle of aircraft in the wild.
81s WindDarkness is tailing a MiG here.
83s They lock onto the target, send a missile and...
87s Err. Oops, wrong plane!
89s Well, never mind.
91s The pilot continues their pursuit anyway.
93s They make a nice turn, catch the right target in their sights...
97s And another wrong plane explodes again!
101s This time, it’s their own one.
106s You can’t find a lot of songs about anti-aircraft gunners...
110s But that might need a fix.
111s Because there are fighters like _Wotan__
113s who can knock down no less than 16 enemy aircraft in a row!
119s And then, they take to the skies themselves, carrying a nuke!
128s Just another Tuesday for an R3 tanker.
131s wooosh_boom goes pedal to the metal...
134s Goes over a few bumps and chooses a collision course with a Calliope...
138s Shoots it and dodges the missiles...
140s Takes off and destroys the enemy mid-air!
144s What happened next?
145s Who cares?
152s And now let’s visit Live WarThunder to see...
156s This nice little camo for the Crotale.
158s How is it special?
159s Well, besides looking great,
161s this work by Liechtensteinn is a Latvian model of a French-Finnish machine.
167s If this isn’t the most European offer you’ve ever heard in your life, we...
171s can’t really believe you.
173s Great job!
180s One more thing...
182s Some comments still doubt if a heli can cap a point
185s in regular battles instead of custom ones.
188s Rest assured! Some glorious lunatics would even pull it off on planes!
193s Still, if you never captured a point on a vehicle clearly not meant for it,
197s we’re sure you’ve got your own special feats.
200s Looking forward to your replays! Bye!

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