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They wont be considered for adding back unless technically possible for the EJ Kai. Which based on the report we currently believe to not be. There was no upgrade kit for the EJ Kai in this area.

It's not the same case as Hellfires on a Lynx as that was actually tested and offered, the same with all other examples like the MiG-21SPS which has upgraded and modifications done to export PFMs which is what the SPS is.

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Again, it would need to be backed by some sort of technical possibility linked to the EJ Kai (tests, proposals, test evidence it was capable etc). If that's the case, we can pass the suggestion.

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You are confusing two different matters that don't correlate.

JDAM was removed as there is currently information showing they physically could not be used / guided on the EJ Kai because it did not have the equipment. It is a technical restriction.

The SRAAM was designed as a self contained unit, that did not require any additional systems and was tested on Hawkers Harriers demonstrator with compatibility for the GR.1 and intention for use on that aircraft. So there is no technical restriction and the system is by design compatible with the GR.1 and intended for it.

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Because the weapon was designed for use with the Harrier GR.1 in mind. The aircraft did not require modification. As long as something is technically possible on the aircraft without that and linked via some sort of source or connection, it can be considered.

The same cannot be said with the EJ Kai and JDAMS.

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We never claimed loadouts are 100% historical. If that was the case, over 50% of tanks in game would need to loose their shells and some would have to be flat out removed from the game as a result. Many aircraft and helicopters would also have to loose loadouts. The Harrier GR.1 follows the same rule as the F-4F, F-104S and many, many others that is if its technically possible without limitation and linked to the aircraft in some way, it can be considered.

The F-4EJ KAI JADAM was not removed because its "historically inaccurate", it simply isn't possible for the aircraft to carry them or use them. So im not really sure of the direction of this "historically accurate" discussion.

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Tech Mods are volunteer users who contribute a lot to the game and forum by giving up their free time to process player bug reports and forward them onto the developers. They have all given up huge amounts of their free time to test, replicate and forward matters onto the developers as well as contributing a lot to improving the game for each and every single player.

- It is not their "job", it is a voluntary position.

- They do not have contact with DMM.

- It is not any part of their role to be doing the research of a proposal from someone else.

It is not the job of a Technical Moderator to research further into something you are trying to propose, challenge, suggest or claim is incorrect. They are here to help assist with the process by answering what questions they can and forwarding your report on.

Nothing is being "shovelled" onto players here. The EJ Kai is modelled to the best information we were able to obtain, as were DMM. What was initially believed to be correct, turned out to be not possible thanks to additional sources we were not able to locate. If you believe you have / can find additional information to improve the aircraft, that's excellent and we can certainly help pass that onto the developers. We cannot however research your proposal for you without sufficient information to really prove anything to actually pass to the developers and will not tolerate condescending or insulative attitudes towards those who are giving up their free time to handle player reports and doing their upmost best to get them all to the developers.

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Bug reporters are much apricated members of the community who contribute towards improving the game by providing the necessary evidence we need to forward a matter on. All of their efforts are greatly apricated and that was never in question. However this is not a bug report, and the necessary evidence was not provided at all.

Initially it was our research that concluded it was possible, aided both by DMM and players. Until most recently, were a well researched and evidenced report concluded that it was not the case.

We will indeed, when there is the required evidence to warrant investigation. That was already requested previously. So far it has not been provided, so the matter cannot be taken further. Attacking moderators who are here trying to work with and improve the situation or breaching forum rules is not going to help at all.

Plenty are evidenced throughout the changelogs of both major and minor updates.