Nobody said that on our side that I'm aware of. I think someone incorrectly translated comments from a VK post. Which is why you shouldn't hang your hope off every little comment.

Again guys, we have a lot of news and more blogs to come. But this constant "tell is everything right now today!" Is not going to mean we are going to spill the beans on everything.

Publications come when they come and are planned.

There is no need at all to sit furiously pressing F5 every few seconds. Trust me, if something happens. You won't miss it.

Enjoy the game a


We should have some news upcoming both on the French vehicle(s) and also possibly regarding the Sk-105. There is no ETA for that at the moment however. A lot of things are still in progress and it's too soon to give any specifics right at this exact moment.



Dov blogs come when they can come. We can't provide a running timeframe every single day for them.

Best advice is to enjoy the game / life / whatever you are all doing and stay tuned for the blogs when they come

You won't miss them


An Italian Battleship was planned with all the others. However an issue caused a delay that set it back.

Given Italy was the newest fleet to the game at the time and all others were ready, it wasn't possible or right to delay everyone else's until Italy's could be completed.


In the current period of large ships we are in, Germany had more Dreadnaughts and Battlecruisers than the USA.

USA has more large ships planned to come. But not with this patch.

24 Feb


Models can take up to a year+ to complete including research, museum trips, source collection and the actual modelling part. Nobody claimed counterparts were not / have not already been well started by now.

The point was, 4 weeks ago we made a short announcement about our future plans. There was no promise or even hint they would be within the next major update.

You and others are assuming things that we have not even said. Nobody said Leopard 2A6 counterparts were not considered before it was even introduced. Nobody said they had not been started.

All tha


Models cannot be snapped up in a matter of weeks. I really am not sure if you are seriously suggesting we changed the rate of fire on the Leopard 2A6 rather than introduce counterparts this patch.

Vehicle models take months to produce. We made that announcement about 4 weeks ago.


No Leopard counterparts were promised for this update. We shared that information only last month and it was about our longer term plans.

Vehicles take months to develop fully.

We also made no mention of the TTD being a Leopard counterpart

Not every addition has to be about 10.7.


Unfortunately " every single document we have on it currently" is still not enough to meet the requirements the devs need to accurately reproduce the O-I tank and model it fully. There is very little material on this tanks existence that really give the whole picture thats needed. As such, the developers currently do not consider it enough to implement it.

23 Feb


Reports are not the whole picture. Just because someone believes that they have all the information. It still needs to be checked by a consultant and actually validated.


At this stage, this simply has no relation to this topic anymore. Just your personal opinion. But I will respond to these concerns one last time, at which point, please take the discussion to a relevant discussion or PM.

As I explained very clearly in the last post:

Nobody is contesting your ability to find information for 5-10 vehicles, but as I have explained, whilst you can find enough to implemented 5-10 for X nation, Y nation likely has 20 vehicles with that same level of examples, ease of information and availability.

It has nothing at all t


Where exactly? I said the Fokker D:XXI?

gromvoiny already mentioned this here:


We have no comment on unofficial datamines, especially when we have not announced or said anything.


USA: 2


Germany: 1 (+1 coming soon)

UK: 1

Japan: 1

2 examples there and more to come


As we already said. Some things are in development in this area.


Again, we are adding vehicles to everyone including those that need them the most.

But that does not mean we stop development of all other nations. Especially when they have so many to add. As if we do that, we then get to a stage where some nations are entirely finished, get nothing else and all content dries up for them and meanwhile, other nations still have years worth of content yet to be added.

We are fixing BR gaps and tree gaps, like this update with the StuG, Panzer III & IV for Italy which better aid some lineups and fill the tree more whilst other more u


Where have we said they will only be for these nations?

Again, this is an assumption we don't have more plans for other nations in the future too. These were simply the ones finished.

There will be more squadron vehicles of all different types of levels.


Squadron vehicles are not about gaps being filled. They are about providing rewards for active squadrons and those that support the game. They have no impact on the development of tree vehicles and are planed entirely separately.

Its not purely about how many they have. Something have a wiki page and a few photos here and there is not enough to implement them into the game. Put simply, a lot of people incorrectly assume that because a vehicle has / can be suggested or existed, its therefor viable for implementation. Which is not the case at all.

We have to c


It has nothing to do with treading on anyone's feet and there is no unwillingness. We are working always on vehicles for all nations. Some nations simply have more to add than others and we must also consider what the majority want.