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We are looking into this possibility.

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Not planned. As these would result in a BR increase. Right now the aircraft is suited well to its BR and tree position.

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There are already other aircraft occupying 11.3/11.7/12.0 ratings. As mentioned, currently the F-4E suits its current BR in terms of performance and is in line with capabilities of other aircraft(s) at that BR rank.

Across the game there are many aircraft that could consecutively carry better and better missiles. However its not planned to keep upgrading each and every one of them with their best weapon systems in every case. Some are intended to either represent specific variants / periods or are intended to fill a position on the tree for balance purposes. Naturally this always has the possibility to change in the future as its down to the developers discretion. However at this time, I was simply explaining its not currently planned for the F-4E to receive AIM-9L or AIM-7F.