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All of the vehicles have been shown now.

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The developers have been working flat out since Friday to stabilize things after the repeated DDoS attacks / server issues and doing everything possible to bring things back to normality. At this time I'm afraid we don't have any further news.

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Dear players. From September the 24th we have faced prolonged DDoS attacks on our servers. As a result, some of you may experience problems with the availability of the game and other game services. We are aware of this problem, our specialists are promptly switching the load to other data centres to stabilise the situation.

We want what's happening to have minimal impact on your gaming experience during our Events, so:

1) We will be increasing the number of Crates with Material and Pieces of Tape tasks for project “Overpowered” that will be available after October 3rd (12:00 noon GMT). We will update you with the details in the event news during the week.

2) Twitch Drops event participants who clicked the "Get" button in their Drops inventory will receive their earned rewards during the week.

3) Once the situation stabilises, we will extend all active premium accounts. We will inform you about this in another news item.

We will keep you informed.